Home opener -- from a visiting Ticat fan

A bunch of us are coming to town for the season opener – yes, we will be cheering for the Tiger-Cats.

First time in Calgary for a game – any recommendations, traditions, tips, etc?

…bring kleenex? ;D

…but seriously, arrive early so you can enjoy wandering around the tailgate parties, east and west sides of the stadium, mostly the east side though…go pee before you find your seats and then be prepared to hold whatever else your body processes in your bladder for the entire game lest you miss a quarter waiting in line to use a urinal…if you’re on the east side of the stadium bring sunglasses and/or a hat with a brim because you will get the sun…yes, that’s a real horse galloping behind the away team’s bench, expect to see it often…try a BBQ’d Spolumbo sausage wt. onions, very good…if you arrived via the C-Train don’t have high expectations to get right back on it to head home…enjoy your neighbours company…buy a 50/50 ticket, it’s usually a pretty good jackpot and the proceeds go towards Jr. Football Development…that’s all I can think of for now, enjoy!!

For this weekend, I would suggest rain gear!