Home opener attendance

So I was sitting here bored watching the soccer game before I went on night shift, so I thought i'd check how tickets are going online. So to kill time I added up all the available seats section by section that ticketmaster shows is available. There are still 6094 seats remaining as of today at about 345pm. This means we have sold roughly 23500 seats I believe give or take. It may be me but I find this quite disappointing still. I thought for sure with all the hype around this team and the final year at Ivor WYnne that we would be able to sell out the home opener if not get at least 27000+. Im not sure what walk up numbers are like to be honest, but I really hope people can make it to the game and we can help push others to buy a ticket. There is nothing like having a sold out LOUD atmosphere to get the players pumped up and give them true home field advantage. I'll be there as I am a season ticket holder, but I hope to see everyone there on game day, and lets try to sell this thing out anyway we can. Oskee wee wee.

ill take the usual 19000 crazies over the 30000 snore fest from ps1.

Are you sure ticketmaster is selling all available seats?

You would think that with all the changes, including bringing in Fantuz, Burris all the excitement of the last season at IWS that a home opener would have been sold out weeks ago. Yet only 23,000 sold?? and how many of them are part of this buy a ticket and get 10 more for $10 for youths? yet we still have people complaining that the new stadium should seat more than 23,000

What does the team have to do?

8) Also take into account that many season ticket holders have the free tickets to this game, dependant on how many season tickets you have. I know I got 2 free tickets to the home opener, included with my season ticket package.
Just face reality, Hamilton is not a sports town, any more !!

 The Cats will be lucky to have any sellouts this year, other than Labour Day, and perhaps the final game at home.

As Season Ticket Holders you can get additional tickets at season ticket holder prices which are very reasonable. Lets tell your friend and family and get some more bums in the seats. Spread the word !! :thup:

In Addition, there are a lot of deals out there, Travel Zoo has a GREAT DEAL. Scotia Bank 2 for 1, Etc. There are no excuses !!

This Season Opener should be SOLD OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to turn my season seats in for the game. Attending a funeral in NYC. I've contributed to the glut. Sorry.

My Condolences.

Look, i want sell outs after sell outs too, but let's be realistic.

Burris, while looking sharp in preseason, is 37, and lost his starter's job after playing bad last season. Last year on the top 50 player list he was ranked #2! This year? #32. Fantuz is coming off a "missed year" going to the NFL and had an ankle injury.

Remember all the other "great acquisitions" recently?

Maas, Holmes, Printers, Kenton Keith...

Another house cleaning of coaches bringing in new faces and new systems yet again.

Year after year of bad defenses with a whole new system again this year populated by mostly unproven Defensive linemen and DBs

Nothing new here, and add to the bad blood caused by the stadium debacle.

All things considered, a decent crowd so far IMO.

To turn the corner they need to start winning.

This city is all too accustomed to bad to mediocre teams pretty much the last 10 years or so.

Well then maybe the sell out will come at the next home game against the Argos. They should easily be 2 - 0 by then.

I hope, but summer games are the lowest attendance wise, no?

Game 2 is in BC.....so....although I hope they are 2-0 as well, it certainly won't be easy!

Well ! Based on the uplifting positive quote :roll: I think i might not go now !! Wow my juices are flowing now :x Thanks a lot Captain ! Beem me up Sottie :roll:

Wasn't meant to be uplifting. It was meant as an explanation why the game is not close to a sell out. You seemed surprised it wasn't sold out. That's unrealistic. Not sure what you're expecting.

You asked what the team has to do?

Simple - win.

Not in Regina,

We just need to wrack up some W's early and selling out games may not be an issue later in the season....

There is every excuse in Hamilton why people dont go, now its summer :? My God !

who did you remit those ten $10 youth tix you purchased last week?
Was it the Kiwanis?

I'm going to purchase a few tix tomorrow as well and ask the Ticats rep to disperse them to a deserving youth faction.
If anyone wishes to do something similar, I'm certain the kids would love the experience and may help propagate a future generation of fans.

again, great idea tc23. :thup:
Let's get 28,000+ to the opener!

2011 Week 1, 23,852, Friday night
2010 Week 2, 25,248, Saturday night
2009 Week 1, 23,211, Wed night ( July 1 Canada Day vs. Argos)
2008 Week 1, 20,589, Thursday night

Well, the CFL isn't even real football to 97% of southern ontarians, didn't you know that? Why would anyone waste even 25c or 3 hrs of their life to see a Ticat or argoons game.... :expressionless:

I live in Saskatoon in the off season, and EVERYONE I know, is a die hard CFL fan . . .

Good thing my parents are going to the Ticat home opener, and I'm insanely jealous!!!! :smiley:

I'm trying to think what are walk up crowds like number wise usually a Cpl thousand is assume eh??