Home Opener ... and I'm bringing an Alouettes fan !!

Okay my friends, I am pumped. I'm coming from deep in Alouettes country to where real football takes place and real football fans hang out!! While the whole story is in a thread I started in the Alouettes forum (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=55625), bottom line is I am bringing an Alouettes fan with me (please, no stones - we need someone to razz during the game!!).

While I was reserved and diplomatic in the Als forum, I don't have to be here so the truth is (hope the Als fans who read the other one don't read this one or they might not help me ... unless they are good for some good ribbing - we'll see), my buddy is going to be on the losing end of a whooping and I was wanting to know where other Als fans might hang out when in Regina - the group therapy might help get over the crushing defeat :slight_smile: . Now I know I am making a big assumption that there are even Als fans that show up in Regina when the Als play, but humour me. If there were any, do they have a known watering hole or anything???

Also, your two bits on must see destinations for a first-timer (my friend, not me) in Sask is always welcome. I am from Sask and know it intimately and have family all over but have been away awhile and, anyways, no harm in getting other suggestions. We are taking a road trip to S'toon for a day or two after the game as well so anything there or in between is fair game.

Hope the flax is in full bloom then. My wife was astounded by how it looks like the waves on water with the gentle (??) prairie breeze blowing over the fields :thup: .


I can’t make that game, so I somehow got sucked in to letting Mr. and Mrs. Madjack attend in my seats together with Mr. and Mrs. jm02. The former pair being Als fans, of course. You should PM Madjack and coordinate plans…plus, his wife’s a hottie. I don’t know much about jm02, but she offered to come to my place and cook wings for a game, so she’s A1 in my book.

Oh, and July 1 is pretty early for the flax or canola to be in bloom. Sorry.

But, if you're a jazz fan, the Jazz festival in S'toon runs from June 24-July 4 - google it for a lineup. Heck, even if you're not a big fan, there are way worse places to spend an afternoon/evening than in the Bessborough Gardens.

Not quite Artie.

I'm a CFL fan first and foremost; an Als' fan second. Mrs MadJack doesn't really have a favourite team, although if push came to shove I think she'd pick Hamilton. So far she's got an Als' jersey, a Stamps' jersey, a Cats' jersey, and an Argo jersey. She'll be adding a Riders' jersey to her collection when we get to Regina in a few short weeks.

Bottom line for us, however, is ever since we started this little tradition of celebrating our wedding anniversary (which is July 1st) by attending a CFL game somewhere in Canada, our rule has been that we are fans of whatever home team is playing. So we were Calgary fans for the day when we took in a game at McMahon Stadium, and we were Ticat fans for the day when we attended their home opener last season. So this year, we'll be Rider fans for the day, appropriately decked out in green; when in Rome and all that . . .

oh what I'd give to go!

a lot of my family members are going, something like 8 people?? :o

I could not get that friday off in order to go down.. :frowning:

but It will definitely be one hell of a game and everyone's going to have a blast!

Thanks, Artie, all good stuff. Mad Jack, watch your PMs. Might be awhile before I get to it but I will eventually.

And, yeah, I know it's early for flax but I was hoping planting got started earlier, it rained a bit to germinate and ithe temperature warmed up to get everything in bloom earlier than normal ... a lot earlier than normal ... :slight_smile: ... oh well, can't have it all, I guess.

I seldom see more than or two ALs fans at a game, no special watering place. If you like good beer Bushwakker is a very good brewpub not that far from TF. As to the drive up, I would suggest slightly odd route. Head east first on the TC to Indian Head, then up to Ketepwa and along the lake through to Ft. Que'Appell, maybe detour up to Motherwell National Historic site. THen make yourway west to highway 20 at Strasbourgh and then north to hwy 16 at Lanigan and then into Saskatoon ( Nokomis, which is along hwy 20 has the best small community museum in the province). With the amount of time you have, it would be hard to get into the parkland or boreal forest area, but you do have that in your neck of the woods.

Whatever you do, get off of the main roads and stop a few places just to hear nothing. PM me if you have any questions.

Correction...Ms. jm02 will be attending with a different guest...you're completely right about the A1 part, though...

What section will y'all be in? I always wonder where all the freaks from the forum are sitting at the Rider games. I only know the location of one forum freak . . . Thryllin'.

I'll be in 206 - best I could do with Flex Packs.

I sat up in 206 a few years back for a game against Calgary, the one where it snapped our 6-0 start :frowning: Pretty decent view from up there though, you really see the play develop.