Home Opener Against BC

First, congrats to Redblack fans; your team was fully deserving of the victory over Montreal.

Most impressive thing to me was the play of the offensive line. No sacks given up, Henry was hardly touched all game. Big credit goes to SirVincent Rogers, who totally owned Jon Bowman all game. Impressive performance, 'twas a shrewd move picking him up.

Mrs MadJack and I are travelling to Ottawa on 2 July for a mini-vacation, will be in attendance at the home opener on the 4th.

Any tips on good spots to dine (other than Byward Market with which we're familiar) would be welcomed.

Any tailgate type parties going on?

Whereabouts are you staying?

Westin downtown

I've only been there a couple of times, but I would probably suggest Johnny Farina.


You should be within a few blocks, so an easy walk.

If you're moving around town and the weather is favourable, see if you can get to Dow's Lake Pavillion.


Couple of restaurants right on the water. For that matter, you could have lunch there and walk along the bike path to the stadium on game day. For THAT matter, all the restaurants at the park are now open so you could eat there, too, but they may be packed a touch pricey.

You have options. :o Let me know what you ended up doing. :thup:

You don't want to go to either of those Dow's Lake Restaurants. Food is bland and service is so-so. Its ususally frequented by the people who work in that area who lack culinary imagination. Microwave is used a fair bit at both spots.

Lansdowne Park has a much better choice of Restaurants now since it's been completed. Farina's is a good place as CRF mentioned...

You going for Ottawa or BC?

Agreed, many restaurants at the NEW Lansdowne :thup:

No tailgate parties either as parking onsite is limited to those who park underground.

BUT there is pre-game party inside and outside the pavilion in the north/east corner of the field
you have to go inside to get outside to the food trucks and live band 8)

BTW ........ Your RedBlacks ticket will get you on any city bus to and from the game for FREE :thup:

which side you sitting on? :wink:


We celebrate our anniversary each year by attending a home opener somewhere in a different CFL city each year. This year happens to be Ottawa. And, our tradition is to be home team fans for the day (the Mrs is trying to collect a jersey/shirt/and/or hat for each team; this will complete her collection).

So, we'll be cheering for Ottawa.

There is a Tailgate Party. it used to be at Carleton U until the Carleton U Nazi police forced us out. Brewer Park will be hosting the Festivities this Saturday starting Early....bring your drink and food and BBQ's may be provided....

Well Happy Anniversary! And enjoy your time here!

Coming from Hamilton for this game.

Please PM me tailgating / food / bar / travel / party suggestions.

sorry, don't much feel like signing up for another forum at rnation.com

They wouldn't invite you anyway to R-nation, it's a closed site for Ottawa fans only!!

I lived in Ottawa for years and the cuisine is very weak. I would suggest to go to Preston street which is the Italian area. There are good Italian restaurants.

Do not go to any chains Or Dow lake pavilion or Johnny farina unless you want an eighteen year old kid making your food.

Preston street has good Italian and if you like Mexican check out the Lone star Cafe on fisher and baseline. It has excellent fajitas and marguerites and is like a Texas style restaurant. It’s also very close to the stadium. I think they might have shuttle service to the games as well there or within a few minutes from lone star.

Lone star restaurant you can google it's really a solid place. They have the Texas style theme going and its popular and everyone I took there loved it. Great services and drinks and food. Best Mexican food I have seen. I have not seen a place close to lone star and I live in Vancouver the restaurant capital of the world

You won't be disappointed and its close to the stadium.

Preston street is good also if you are there for a few days. You can find good Italian food there.

Sounds like you don't live in Ottawa anymore. There are all kinds of good restaurants beside the stadium in Lansdowne, Milestones, Joeys, Local bar and grille, South St burger. Then you have the restaurants and bars on Bank St and in the Glebe within walking distance - far too many to list so here's the list:


Not to mention all over Elgin...And we didn't even mention the places in the market because we were asked not too.

Reminds me of people who complain that there's nothing to do in Ottawa. Point out all the festivals, sporting events, museums, shopping, etc and you just get a blank stare back.

As far as Lone Star goes, you can also enjoy the aspect that it was founded by a couple of Riders.

Following his retirement from professional football, (Val) Belcher began a highly successful career as a restaurant entrepreneur. In 1986, he founded the Lone Star Cafe restaurant with former Ottawa Rough Rider teammate Larry Brune in the Ottawa suburb of Nepean. Over the years, it expanded into a franchise business throughout Eastern and Southern Ontario. It was renamed Lone Star Texas Grill operating under the Lone Star Group of Companies. The same group later started Big Daddy's Crab Shack & Oyster Bar franchise of restaurants. In 2005, Belcher resigned from the Lone Star Group of Companies. In 2008, he opened a new restaurant, Big Easy’s Seafood & Steak House, in Ottawa.

I will add, that for stadium food, you can get a fair amount of variety in TD Place itself (though I believe most of the fancier stuff is on the north side, as an FYI).

[url=http://www.tdplace.ca/plan-your-visit/restaurants-concessions]http://www.tdplace.ca/plan-your-visit/r ... oncessions[/url]

also, will be a north-sider for the day, and fully supporting the Rouge et Noir.

Got this e-mail from OSEG today. Rally at one of the great new bars at Lansdowne, Local Pubic Eatery

#RNation, We are back in stadium. The football lines are on the field and the team is ready to go after win number 2 this Saturday when the BC Lions come to town for our home opener.

Home opener weekend actually kicks-off on Thursday July 2, with a pep rally at one of the great new bars at Lansdowne, Local Public Eatery, across from the TD Place Box Office. Drop-by if you can. Things get rolling at 4.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for game day on July 4. Gate #1 opens at 3:30 p.m. for a pre-pregame gathering with the Lionyls taking to the stage in the King Club at about 4:15. Know how you’re getting to TD Place yet? Click on "Read More" for information on transportation to help you create your game plan to get down to Lansdowne.

Looked like a terrific atmosphere at TD place this past Saturday. Thinking I should have gone there instead of Detroit for the jays game.
Glad the Redblacks gave something back to the good fans in Ottawa.