Home & Home vs Calgary

Should be good with all the activity/hype going on of late. Stampeders DL Chris McCoy will have surgery; torn ACL - Edmonton; Kerry Joseph will get the start at McMahon?

Is Joseph starting? If so, I'm picking Calgary. :lol:

Jyles hit the turf [sacked] with his right knee [dead on the knee cap] although says he getting treatment and thus should be ready to go in Calgary.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/joseph-to-get-the-start-in-calgary]http://www.esks.com/article/joseph-to-g ... in-calgary[/url]

Joseph gets the start; Jyles knee is sore along with the toe/or ankle. If things go awry [Qiucker than expected] as the Stampeders are going to be vamped up, thus will bring the pressure to Joseph; save Jyles for the return match I say and give Nichols some action?

Glad I picked Calgary. :lol:

Depth chart is up; Messam [surprise?] and Prude are in - Brown and Schiavone are out. Lets go Eskies.

So there's hope for my three card monte play in the backfield. Sweet! Make it happen, Reed. :smiley:

Certainly was an entertaining game; a botched snap on one convert may have made a difference....oh well. Thus in the end Grant Shaw with the swirling wind at his back was off the mark; then again if the attempted FG was on the right side hash mark then who knows? - [always the big "IF"]. Over all, was a great showing by both teams I must say.

Shaw's kick was remarkable, thing must have gone at least 65 yards into the wind :thup:
We got out coached at half time as usual but at least we were close.

Calgary's ST out done the Eskie ST unit without Question; film on the game will be studied I'm sure, thus put Koch back there on returns is an option. As for Burnett [twice now] on bringing out it would appear a seam was there, but gets closed off fairly Quickly. Other than that pick up the slack on Special teams, thus who ever starts at QB Joseph/Jyles; Eskies could/should muster enough points to win.
D-Lineman Marcus Howard is set to return as well......

If Cuthbert still thinks there's any question as to who should start next week if Jyles is healthy, then he's a complete moron. Joseph better be cut after this season, and Tillman better find us a real goddamn QB.

After last nights game i really don’t think we can blame it all on Joseph, I think Crandell needs to take the blame here. How many delay of game calls did we take as well as not having the right personell on the field or the right number of guys. This is the O coordinators job to ensure the players know when they are to on or off the field and to ensure the plays are called in in a timely manner. Crandell was confused all night his offence is so one dimensional and boring we have the best backfield in the CFL and he has no idea how to run it .I thought Chaps was bad but Crandell make him look like a genius.
If this guy is not fired this week then Kavis should be fired for keeping him Crandell has no business in the CFL .

I think Tillman deserves some of the blame for the confusion by creating a three-headed monster in the backfield. It sounded like a good idea, but it hasn't worked out.

At least not yet, although provides a Question in doubt as for play action - maybe a trade is in the works?
Tillman works in strategic ways/and or planning.