Home Game TV Blackouts

I just moved to Abbotsford from Delta. Does anyone know if the home games are blacked-out here? I believe the blackout radius is 56km, hence the games shouldn't be blacked-out. I've spoken to a couple of Shaw customers here in Abbotsford and they say the games have been blacked-out. I'm a Bell customer, will I be able to see the games?

well if you have HD TV then you will not be blacked out because i live in surrey and it is always on HD because people in other cities want to watch it on HD so i always get it so as long as you have HD your alright

With respect to the person who posted this, can anyone confirm that if you have Shaw HD TV you can see the blacked out games within the blackout zone?

I would love to see Pay Per View home games. I'd buy season's tickets to that! I'm not a crowds kind of guy so I can only handle a few home games per year.


You definitely get to watch ALL home games ( blacked out or not ) if you subscribe to Shaw HD or similar. I am a season ticket holder so I am at every game , but I PVR them on 212 and skim through sometimes when I get home.

Yes, all home games in HD can be viewed even if the blackout is in effect. The reason is that TSN HD's broadcast is considered a national broadcast which means the whole country can see it. For TSN in stadard def, the broadcast is regional which means you can't see it if it's blacked out.

I went thru this last season and am very interested to see how it will work this year.

Last year Games on TSN HD or SD were blacked out on Bell Express Vu but my neighbour who has Star Choice had no blackout
We are huge Lions fans and go to every game we can go to but the $$$ does add up and we can't afford every game. I am in support of the 56km radius blackout (however Vancouver Island should not be included in the blackout) and beleive we should support our home teams as much as we can but I do not agree when only certain cable/satellite providers (bell) provide the black out and others don't it either for all or none
If this is the case on this years home games I once again will be fighting with the CRTC, TSN, and the cable/satellite providers on this issue

I have lived in Ontario and BC and in my experiences BC is the worst team in the CFL for blacking out games. Hamilton and Toronto blackout maybe 1-2 a year. Since I have lived in BC (about 5 years) I can only remember maybe 1 game per year not being blacked out.

Its a choice that is totally up to the team as far as I know.

WHAT A BUNCH OF B.S!!!! I just phoned SHAW. I'm in Surrey. NO GAME just a black screen. It is advertised as being televised in the paper and online. And I"m not getting it!!!! I even missed the last couple plays of the Hamilton game!!!

Then I read people with HD have it. IF THATS TRUE, MORE BULLSHIT!!


I know shawcable is not owning up to it.

I have Bell express vu hd and sd and the game is not blacked out on either feed.

As I mention in my previous post last year I contacted Bell, TSN, CRTC and the cfl I got many replies all blaming the other as to how the bottom line works. I have pasted into my post the last letter I received from the CRTC and from how I read it bottom line it is up to the team wether a black out is lifted or not and then it is TSN responsiblity to ensure proper distrubution to the providers.

Here is the body of the letter from CRTC

RE: CRTC Case ID 418467

Dear Ms.

Thank you for your letter, which we received through the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) on October 24, 2008.

We appreciate your concern regarding CFL blackouts. To reiterate some of the issues that have been addressed through your further correspondence with our Audience Relations department, decisions concerning the implementation or lifting of a blackout on a CFL game are made by the league and the respective teams. It is TSN’s responsibility to inform affected distributors whether a blackout has been put in place or lifted for each CFL game that we broadcast. We are then jointly responsible to ensuring that the appropriate technical actions are taken.

Unfortunately the actual process of implementing or lifting a blackout on a specific area is very complicated and sometimes results in technical problems for ourselves, our distributors, and our viewers.

We realize that situations like the one you outlined in your letter can be frustrating for our viewers and we hope to avoid those situations in the future.

The issue you have raised regarding CFL blackouts is of the utmost importance to us. As we prepare for the next CFL season, we will review our blackout procedures to ensure that they continue to be implemented and lifted properly. We will also continue to work with our distribution partners to simplify and fine-tune this complicated process in order to avoid further frustrations going forward. We have noted your concern as an area to focus on during our review process.

We appreciate your comments and your concern and we hope that this letter clarifies the situation and conveys how seriously we take our programming and broadcasting responsibilities.

Yours sincerely,

Phil King
President, TSN
(Per Simon Bassett)
(CRTC Case ID 418467)

I don't know how to start one but if anyone does I would like to see a petition put together and forward to the BC Lions, CFL and TSN to put an end to this

Rather than blacking out all home games I think a blackout of maybe 2 games would be okay perhaps
If anyone is behind me on this I am willing to further research if need be on how to get a petition going

Sorry my bad, I oops'd in who the above response was from
It was actually from TSN after they were contacted by the CRTC with reference to my complaint

Seem to me that answer is simple, more fans have to show up to the game! Then there will be no blackout! No one else to blame but the fans. If a city of a couple hundred thousand can get 30,000 people out to a game, then you would think a place with ten time the population could get at least 40,000