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Hello football fans,

This article is a very touching account of one mans love for his team.

This story is about what his hometown team has meant to him over the years, and what it has been like to be apart from them for so many years. Most of all, it's about what this game has taught him about life, and himself.

Adam originally posted his story on the Ticats.ca fan forum, but with his permission, it is now available on my website under 'Your Stories'.

If you have a story to tell, you can send them to http://www.abnff.com/fb5.htm , or read it directly from the Ticats.ca fan forum via the link below, so you can add your comments to the topic.

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Every once in a while I read something that speaks to me. This is one of those times.

What an inspirational and insightful story that is. I dare say it deserves much wider publication, so that those in other cities, such as Halifax, may finally come to understand what a team can do for your city and for your young people.

This story says things I have been trying to tell people for years but could quite find the words.

Thank you Adam.

Very Nice post. I felt it

Our seats in Box J were like a temple to me. No matter how stressful, confusing, and challenging the rest of my life became, I knew that I would return there and it would all make sense. Even as the team began to unravel, both on the field and in the owner’s box, I was there. Faithfully.

That is a nice quote. It very accurately descibes the feeling fans all over the league get.

I haven’t smelled the air under the north stands, or felt the sun hit my face as I climbed the steps up to my seat. Nor have I heard the roar of the crowd during the player introductions. I haven’t shared the suspense, the heartbreak, and the rare glory with the other fans. I haven’t looked past the scoreboard towards a perfect sunset as the final minutes of a game ticked away.

This second quote is the answer to anybody who says we need a dome.

Pretty good story. It didn't make me cry or anything but it was pretty good.

This second quote is the answer to anybody who says we need a dome.
Agreed Thryllin. I have no desire to watch football in a dome - unless it's always open for football - and baseball for that matter.