Home for Labour Day - One Fan's Story

Hello Lions fans,

This article was written by someone who now lives in the BC area. It is a very touching account of one mans love for his team.

This story is about what his hometown team has meant to him over the years, and what it has been like to be apart from them for so many years. Most of all, it's about what this game has taught him about life, and himself.

Adam originally posted his story on the Ticats.ca fan forum, but with his permission, it is now available on my website under 'Your Stories'.

If you have a story to tell, you can send them to www.abnff.com/fb5.htm , or read it directly from the Ticats.ca fan forum via the link below, so you can add your comments to the topic.

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I think Lionbacker did a road trip a few times. I wonder if that story was from him?

I am not sure. The username on the Ticats site is different though.

great story