Home Field Advantage??

So as we were sitting, watching the Edmonton BC game, I felt a breeze blow by. Looked up, saw the roof closed, scratched my head and watched the game. Couple other times I felt the breeze blow during the game. So as we left for the Sky Train Station after the game I noticed the big doors at the end zones of the Stadium open. So I asked an Usher if that door was open all game. He told me both doors at each end of the stadium were open. He winked and said " So if the wind is blowing right, we could actually open both doors for two quarters to give the Lions home field advantage with the breeze".

Hmmmm, was he kidding? Was he truthful? Does the league know this? I'm sure the Lions do. Would the Lions use that kind of advantage?

Just puttin that question out there.....LOL

The breeze is coming from the fans (as in the mechanical devices not the ones in the people in the stands)

The only "breeze" the Lions players felt was when the Eskies' corner back Joe Burnett "breezed by them to score a 108 yard TD after intercepting Lulay's attempted pass to Simon.

Seriously though, the little flags located on top of the goal uprights don't appear to be fluttering very much on either side of the field during the game.