Home Field Advantage Pays Off

It’s funny how nobody has brought up how home field advantage helped the Als beat Edmonton with a field goal with only 0.2 seconds on the clock.
How can the Al’s time keeper be that good? Ya think he stopped the clock before the whistle? Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it.
Hmmmm, I’m surprised Eskies’ fans haven’t mentioned this in here.

I have a tape of the game, you can see that there is 8.2 seconds left,the clocks starts when the ballis snapped and there is indeed .2 seconds lefts when Landry goes down and they blow the whistle, So There!!!

Oohhh. . .opening a big ol’ can of worms here I see. . . :slight_smile:

In fact, I was at the game and I thought it took long to the timekeeper to stop the time. IMHO, there could have been a whole second left on the clock. When Ezra dived, I looked at the time still going by on the clock and I thought they would just let it hit the 0. It really came as a relief when we saw it stop at 0.2.

Edmonton fans will say the timekeeper helped us by “keeping” 0.2 seconds on the clock. I say we could have had a whole second left, so the timekeeper really hasn’t anything to do with the victory.

And anyways, if you don’t want to lose because of a 0.2 seconds play, it is up to you to get yourself a better lead during the remaining 59:59.8 minutes.

I know Landry is very dangerous but why wouldn’t the coaches instruct their players to wait an extra couple secinds befire tackling or in this case touching Landry. If they would have done that the time would have came off the clock for sure. I know if a player goes down and is not moving forward the ref can blow the whistle but usually they’ll wait a couple seconds before doing that.

As dangerous as Landry is I’d take my chances tackling him over letting Duval take a shot at a makeable field goal.

…maybe on one game this was an advantage, but overall the stats aren’t favouring the home team by much…

…the Home team has won 7 times out of 12 games thus far, with three of those wins being final minute (or even second) squeakers (Montreal over Edmonton, Ottawa over Montreal, Toronto over Saskatchewan)…

…add in the preseason and the home team has only won 9 out of 21 games…

That’s the 4th Renegade fan lately to take a shot at the Als, maybe they actually think they have a shot this year and can play with the big boys now?
There is no doubt they have improved and are probably now the third bestin the East, but they will be watching the Als asses again this year, sorry Rens fans!!

An accurate point was brought up in another forum, roughyfan, to the following effect (and I paraphrase): When it is evident that the player is attempting to make no further progression, the play is ruled over, even if the offensive player has not been touched. Since Landry went down, and was not trying to go any further, it’s a moot point as to whether or not a defensive player should or should not have touched him. The play was already over.

But do you actually think (like I stated) that the ref would blow the whistle as soon as Landry went down? I’m sure the ref would have hesitated before blowing the whistle, at least 0.2 seconds of hesitation.

I don’t really think it matters. Hindsight is always 20/20 - who’s to say the refs wouldn’t have reset the clock anyway? The play was over, and it still is. Those refs are pretty quick on those whistles sometimes anyway. Just my opinion. . . :slight_smile:

Blame the guys who is in chagre of the clock, don’t blame the club.

Maybe it’s olny because the refs new that there were only 8 sec remaining and that they were ready to whistle, because they were expecting this kind of play ?

Als Fan.
It’s hard for me to be 100% objective but…it could be it.

Yah Hindsight is 20/20 which is great because it helps when it come to making future decisions.

Also KK,

I’m not blaming the guys who ran the clock, as a couple of posters pointed out they did their job correctly. I’m saying the Eskimos could have burned 0.2 seconds off the clock by doing things differently.

Whenever my NFL mates say that the CFL is the worst cuz of the bad calls and stuff, I always say blame the refs, not the league cuz it’s doing everything in it’s power to provide great football.

But the Refs are part of the league. It’s the CFL’s job to properly train them. And if they don’t properly train them they are not doing everything in their power to provide great football.

But in this case the refs did their job correctly.

Are you forgetting that the time doesn’t stop until Ezra gets tackled (or in this case-> touched while on the ground)? The EE lost because they didn’t think. They should have watch Ezra breakdance with the ball on the ground without touching him. Quick thinking is a vital part of football. The EE deserved to lose because of not letting the time run out.

Just for you Newfie:

Argos_fever wrote:
unless i’m mystaken the esk should have won. A player isn’t down until touched in the cfl, and edminton rushed tot age itty-bitty, stupid mistake, they culd have waited.2 seconds more, then it would have gone to overtime

Nope you are wrong, this is the rule:

When a ball carrier is on the ground and, in the judgment of the official, is not attempting to advance the ball the official shall immediately declare the ball dead.

Als Fan
*Copied from another thread.

Personally I was suprised that there was only 0.2 seconds left, I was sure there was going to be 2 or 3 left.

Next game I will pay more attention to how much time it takes when there is little to no runback.

Home field advantage is part of football…warts and all…

the NHL has . 05 seconds left , and , the NBA…has a buzzer.

If EDMONTON , had scored more points and made their field goals…as in the ARGO/SASK. game…this would have not been an issue for some , ESKS , fans.

MONTREAL ,makes their 48 yard FGS…most of the time.


And I won’t even mention , the SASK…time keeper at home.