Home field advantage for West Semi-Final

dont let the door hit ya lol

You wont go away, empty promises. After all the crap about not enough lions this or that and too much nucks this and that you bail? LOL waste of forum space.

After jarius stepped in last week,I thought he was a cinch as starter.I don't know what Wally sees in Buck but I sure don't.It seems Logan and Mullen are the only ones Buck can see in the open.I was so sure the Lions had some receivers on the team because it didn't seem like Buck knew that.
Don't give up on the Lions yet .I don't think the Canucks will make you feel any better.
I hope Jarius starts next week
Buck : :thdn:
Jarius: :thup:

No doubt Buck'll start. He'll get pulled quick if he hiccups a bit. We'll be fine.

What else is new ? You givin up on the team last year!! Your contraditions from your previous post makes no surprise here. Your happy with them, your not happy with them, Casey Printers is the next flutie!! Wally should be fired by not signing Printer! Ohh im soooo glad that Printers didn't sign with us!!!!Do you remember some of your quotes Dupsdell????? Sound Familier??? Guess what?? Changes are made every year ,and the Lions aren't going to win every Grey Cup. You don't know much. About what it has done to the league in a positive way when you have 4 great teams in the Western Division that are so evenly matched. And your worried about ATTENDANCE dropping because the LIONS DIDN't finish First!!!!Waaaaa!!!! UMMMMM i believe have having that many teams in one divison would draw more of a crowd then anything . Plus we have one of the best owners and head Coach in the league.
In your world you would rather have a 3-15 team in the East make the playoffs because you don't like the crossover , but you be the first to cry foul if the lIONS MISSED THE PLAYOFFS AT 12-6.
Funny how you remember Ottawa in the 1981 GREY CUP WITH A 5-11 RECORD and never once did you say they they didn't deserve to be there, but if the LIONS somehow win the Grey Cup this year your saying it was a fluke???? Again how many teams finish first and get bounce from the playoffs in the Cfl?? And now your going to jump on the Canucks bangwagon!!!! Just wow!!! Interesting, how many times the Canucks have finished first in their division and never get past the second round. Funny how you never gave up on the Canucks that missed the playoffs last year ,but your giving up on the Lions in which their season isn't over yet. At least the Lions had won FIVE Championships. And two of those Championships is when they finished third. Another contradition by Dupsdell. Well done.
How many times have you said im done with this team last year??? What about the promise you made that you turn a new leaf this year??????
THE ONLY FANS THEY WILL LOSE IS BANGWAGON FANS LIKE YOU. I'm pretty sure the ownership of the Lions will survive your Contraditions.
Now the problem is some of us fans have to put up with you crap on the Canuck message board now!!!
PS The Canucks don't like bangwagon fans like you either Dupsdell.

What's with the personal attacks?the guy's upset and needs to vent.I jumped on this bandwagon when they finally got rid of Damon Allen.
Wally needs to stop making excuses and start changing things.Buck had his chance.The only receivers he can find are Logan and grace-mullen.Guess what?They're not receivers.

Hey its ok to vent fungi, but at least you don't jump on and off the bangwagon constantly!!!!! Dupsdell contradicts himself constantly. Do you see us vent on every little move that wasn't done by the coaches or GM like Dupsdell does. Do you hear us say we are done with the lions EVERY YEAR and im going to the Canucks Bangwagon. Did we make some comment if the Lions do win the Grey cup its was a fluke. And you wonder why this guy gets flamed every time!!!
And Fungi ,what changes can you make to a team that been together the whole year in 6 days. with what we have.If anything changes will be made in the off season. Well if Logan is a running back and grace -mullen is a reciever and not an offensive linemen then guess what?? They can RECIEVE THE BALL.

Thanks for the heads up on that.The season isn't over yet,so theres no reason to give up on this team.I am almost giving up on Buck,however.A receiver as talented as Geroy is ,should be getting the ball his way more often.Paris is no slouch either.The rider defense won't let G-Mullen get an easy run like he got from the Stamps.
I find that the more yards Geroy gets,the more wins we get.
I hope Javy figures out why he made starting linebacker.

We still believe in the lions. Anything can happen in the playoffs and its been done before. I know we should be getting the ball to Geroy more but at the same time teams are getting smarter and probably have more double coverage on him then in the past, or who knows.