Home field advantage for West Semi-Final

[b]If B.C. beats Toronto tomorrow and Edmonton beats Sask then the semi will be played in Vancouver. B.C. will not have to beat Calgary in the last regular season game.

If B.C. beats Toronto and Saskatchewan beats Edmonton then B.C. must beat Calgary next week unless Saskatchewan loses to Toronto.

If B.C. loses to Toronto on Oct 25 and Saskatchewan beats Edmonton then Saskatchewan must lose next week against Toronto and B.C. must beat Calgary.

If B.C. loses both of its remaining games then both Edmonton and Saskatchewan have a chance to capture second spot and home field advantage for the semi. Have I missed anything?

Congratulations to those who predicted a Calgary win against Hamilton this evening. I was hoping Hamilton would win but the way they played it wasn't meant to be. :oops: [/b]

Tonight's game unfolded as I expected. You can't rely on a 3-13 team to do your dirty work and it shows how losses back in July and August can come back and haunt you.

It would be nice if a Lions win tomorrow clinches 2nd but I still think it will come down to the final week. At least maybe the Stamps might be resting some players against BC.

It would be nice if a Lions win tomorrow clinches 2nd
Yes, it I would like to see B.C. clinch 2nd place. We've already purchased our playoff tickets. But Edmonton must beat Saskatchewan earlier in the day. Game time for that game is 3:30 PM PT. Can't wait.

Regarding Home field advantage for western semi(on November 8th)does B.C. get home field automatically if they beat Calgary,and Toronto upsets Sask?Does the tie breaker(W-L record in western division)come into effect if B.C and Sask. both lose?Or is it based on season series,of which B.C. has outscored Sask. by 1 point in the 3 games they have played.2 wins for B.C.,1 for Sask.I'm just hoping Calgary rests its starters,and gives the Lions a better shot at winning second place in the west.A win is a win,I'll take it any way the Lions can win by beating Calgary.Go Leos.

I think if Sask loses on Thursday to Toronto and BC gets second place that night then JJ will start against Calgary and Buck will not play at all. If that does not happen, Buck will start and you will see JJ go in.

I also think if Sask loses on Thursday Calgary will rest a lot of their players as they know that BC will be doing the same. If Sask wins on Thursday (which will probably happen) then Calgary will play its starters as they know BC will be coming after them big time.

Dupsdell no offense ,but reread what you just said and tell us if that makes any sense to you. Why does the Saskatchewan game has anything to do with Calgary using their starters or not??? What does Calgary have to gain by playing its starters when they already clinched first place?????
P.S Buck may not play at all do to his injury in the last game, and Charles Roberts is done for the year.

I understand what dupsdell is saying. If Saskatchewan loses against Toronto this Thursday then B.C. has got second place wrapped up and will host the semi in B.C. Place. Now, if you were the coach of the Lions would you risk playing your first string players against Calgary knowing that on any play they could get seriously injured and miss out playing in the semi against Saskatchewan?

If Saskatchewan does win then B.C. will have to go all out against Calgary so they can host the semi in B.C. and not have to go and play in the cold in Saskatchewan and have full cans of beer thrown at them.
If B.C. ends up having to beat Calgary they will not be merciful with Calgary. And Calgary knows that nor do they want to be blown out like Toronto was this past Saturday. Players don't easily forget. It's all about supremacy. It would not sit well with Calgary if they got thumped by B.C. knowing B.C. might face them in the western final. That is why Calgary would go with their starters (at least for part or most of the game). If B.C. does not have to go after Calgary in the last season game and plays its second stringers then Calgary may do something similar since the playing field will be somewhat leveled.

Regardless of the Saskatchewan vs Toronto outcome I think Calgary will still go with its first string players for part of the game regardless because they already have a bye into the western final and won't be playing that week. Not playing from October 24 ( their game against Hamilton) to November 15 is too long a wait. They need to maintain the momentum and stay sharp. Only game conditions provide that.

Saskatchewan lose to the Toronto Arnogoods? Those odds are worse than me sleeping with Angelina Jolie. :lol: :lol:

BC Will have to win out or its off to Saskatchewan.

I understand what your trying to say beaglehound, But if you know that BC wouldn't used its first string players in a mean nothing game you think Calgary would?? Calgary has nothing to gain by playing their first stringers in the season finale even though their starters will have a long break between games. IMO i believe the Calgary coaching staff is more worried about keeping their starters healthy for the playoffs them worried about getting thump in the last game of the season.

You may be right Lions40. From Calgary's point of view the game is a mean nothing game- even if B.C. must win. I still think there will be a psychological disadvantage if Calgary gets blown out because they rested all of their starters.

I've read that in tennis for example the top players are so evenly matched in terms of skill that it often comes down to who has the psychological edge on game day.

Maybe what I'm doing here is not so much disagreeing with you but disagreeing with such a decision. Sure, if Calgary gets blown out by a very lopsided score the coaching staff could always tell the players, "Hey, just remember, we weren't playing our best players." But would they actually say that? And if Calgary does face B.C. in the final would that be enough for them not to feel intimidated? And imagine the momentum B.C. would have knowing they blew Calgary away and then won the semi against Saskatchewan. Of course it would work the other way. If Calgary plays it's second stringers and B.C. just squeaks out a win then that would be a real confidence boost for Calgary knowing they weren't even playing their best players.

But I'm not even going to look that far ahead. I just want to see the semi in B.C. place. B.C. always struggles with Saskatchewan in B.C. place. I don't know why but they do. I'd love to see B.C. give them a whooping!

Cancel that flight. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: A fake punt? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

unbelievable. is toronto really that bad or do they hate us that much? a punt fake???!!!

Toronto is really that bad. They are just trying to look bad so they can bring in the NFL to Toronto.

Well you never really want to depend upon another team to help you out on your playoff aspirations. B.C. needs to take care of business themselves for a number of reasons. First off to secure a home playoff date, who wants to go to Sask? Secondly, to build confidence and know you can beat Calgary, be it they have first locked up and supposedly don't have much to play for, other than a good showing and personal stats. Thirdly, to go into the playoffs on a roll...never good when you go into the playoffs on a loss. I don't like B.C's chances if they lose this game in Calgary. So lets put in a good showing and see what happens. :thup:
By the way TO, you are full marks for your record! :thdn:

Looking that bad doesn't get them anythig,especially an NFL franchise.People south of here didn't like them bringing in Ricky Williams.We all know he liked BC bud.

Burris hates our defence.A little bit of pressure and he gets all flustered.Bc has a lot of pressure and Burris will have a lot of flustering,(if that's a word)?

i can only say this once. good luck stamps. ohoh gotta go lumps coming up
bleed green

read this articale in the vancouver sun today, say's that because of the short week that David Braily expects if the lions win today that, they will get anyware from 35-40 thousand for next sat playoff game at bc place, i would be very dissapointed if they do not get at lest 40,000, i guess he is saying this not to get the fan's hopes up. because of the short week, i mean if the lions win people are going to go nuts and sell 30,000 tickets in a week,( as i heard there are already 20,000 pre sold tickets to saseon ticket holders) maybe if it was the canucks not the lions.

[url=http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/sports/lions/story.html?id=aa37a491-7c78-4290-af27-3a200afdc0a4]http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 200afdc0a4[/url]

I would be highly dissapointed if we only get 2,000 ppl more than our best reg season game of the year.

I, for one, will be there. Oh, my son’ll be with me - guess that means two.