Home Field Advantage for playoffs

Entering the Conference Semi's Montreal will carry the biggest home field advantage.
BC having to come east is probably the worst Western conference team to have to do this. Like Montreal having to travel to BC the same works in reverse for the Lions coming east to Montreal.
The biggest factor in this is that it is a 1:00 start. Montreal main home game time in the fall is the early 1:00 start usually on Sunday.
Montreal in the second half of the season beat both Calgary on a Sunday 1:00 start and the Riders on a Thankgiving 1:00 over the course of 3 games. Although both games CAL and SASK were missing their starting QBs, The Als at the time were just finding their QB.
BC as well is without their franchise guy at QB.
If BC should manage to beat Montreal they will have to play the Cats at THF where they have not lost, and will be coming off a bye week after 13 straight weeks without a bye.
I am not usually who looks to deep into these type things, especially in the playoffs, but this comes with a bit of merit.
I would wonder if BC plans to come early to assimilate to the time difference. Should they win I would think they would be staying the whole week. Perhaps with Argos finally having a practice facility and owns both clubs that BC would practice at their. Setting up shop at a hotel nearby where conference rooms converted into Meeting rooms.
Varsity Blues have a nice facilities.
Ottawa may be a closer option provided they can get into the Gee Gees or Ravens upgraded facilities.
Anyway any word on the Lions plans as far as getting east early to assimilate to the 1:00 start.

In the West aside from a home game the Riders could not have asked for a better road situation.
For the Riders I think that they would do better than BC going east. Less of a time change. As well the Riders Organization is built with the $$$ in the bank to better travel to the east early, get assimilated to the time, and staying through the semis and finals should it have gotten that far.
Going east to Montreal does not mean they would have to stay in Montreal where there could be more distractions. But could stay off the beaten path somewhere in Ontario or in eastern Quebec in Sherbrooke/Lennixville. There are plenty of practice facilities now on CIS campuses or privately owned.

Going through Alberta where the green fans travel very well as well are Green Nation transplants. Plenty of seats at Commonwealth so there would be no shortage of tickets like there may have been in Montreal and especially Hamilton.
McMahon as well Rider fans always seem to find a plenty of seats.
Also a shorter trip to Vancouver from Alberta opposed to coming all the way from the east cross country.