Home Field Advantage Counts

There was so much struggles from the Eastern teams early in the season.
For Hamilton with the regular stadium delay were in the West a lot very early in the season.
Once they got into their home stadium finally. Eastern or Western teams. It did not matter everyone knows how great that turned out.

Montreal A lot less talked about but even in the first half of the season when the offense was in complete disaray. They still were able to pull out a week 2 win vs BC. Also a one point loss to a very Hott Bombers team at the time.
Two weeks after beating the Lions in Montreal they went to Vancouver and the Lions cleaned the Als clock.
Finishing their first 9 games 2-3 at home.
Flip the script in the last 9 games 4 home games 4 wins beating both Western clubs Calgary and SASK. Sure the Stamps and Riders had injuries but so did the Als.
Playoff game and a thumping of the Lions.

Ottawa Even the Redblacks got both their wins at home. Early in the season before things really starting rolling downhill two West clubs EDM to 10 points and BC Lions off a bye week, I think, with Lulay and all the weapons to less than 10 points.

Even the Argo's with all of the complaints from people in RC and all the injuries to the receivers went 6-3 at home. Their is still the long mid season road trip that does hurt. Playing 5 home games in their last 6 games going 4-1 beating EDM, with both Reilly and White, and twice in three weeks over rival and a very Hott Hamilton team.
Pan Am Stadium in York will have the extra seats in place for a 12.5K capacity.
I read somewhere where York is interested in getting events into the stadium while the extra seats are still up. How true or weather that would happen would yet to be seen but would be ideal for the Argo's to play their pre season game their and possibly two post Pan Am games through August to the beginning of September. ( Probably just a pipe dream of mine, but I am a dreamer )

2015 Season
Ottawa will be out of TD place for the WWC in June which should not affect them with having TC at Carleton and an open Percival for a home pre season game. Will be ready for July opener.

Toronto and Hamilton will be displaced from their home stadiums for the Pan Ams but still may have two weeks before the Games begin to have home games early. Big difference than having to go on the road to the west early like 2014. ( 2nd Pipe dream a Hamilton Argos game at TD Waterhouse in June as the Argo's home game. It at least keeps both clubs in Southern Ontario just two bus drive away. about 10K regular Capacity. As well the seating set up for 16K which has not been used in years, but is still there) Both THF and MAC will be used as well for the Pan Ams. Hamilton will need a place to practice for about 3 or 4 weeks. TD Waterhouse or Guelph are likely their best options.