Home Cooking: Picton extends with Riders

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed National wide receiver Mitchell Picton to a two-year contract extension.

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About time... We need McInnis signed as well.

I'm worried Trevor Harris forcing the ball to Wieneke and others before using one of the Rider strengths in National receivers.

I agree about re-signing McInnis and also hope for the return of Schaeffer Baker to go along with Lenius, Emilus, and Picton. There is no need for another high priced import imo. It would be ashame for them to not go three Nationals with the size and talent they have.

Would love to see 3 nationals start. But with O’Day and Dickenson’s jobs on the line I doubt they’ll go that route.
Wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been bidding on the likes of Lawler or Lewis.

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According to the article below they’re at least considering that option:

“With Schaffer-Baker back, it appears as though Saskatchewan’s starting lineup will include him alongside Wieneke, Bane, and Canadian slotback Brayden Lenius. The fifth starter has yet to be determined, though O’Day indicated that the club feels as though they can start three Canadians in the receiving corps.”