Home attendance 2012-13 review

2013 league average 27000+. Saskatchewan 37000+. Edmonton 32000+. Winnipeg 30000+. Calgary 29000+. BC 28000+. Montreal 23000+. Toronto 21000+. Hamilton 13000+.

2012 league average 28000+. Edmonton 34000+. Saskatchewan 32000+. BC 30000+. Calgary 28000+. Winnipeg 27000+. Hamilton 25000+. Toronto 23000+. Montreal 22000+.

Biggest improvement is Saskatchewan as grey cup hosts tend to benefit in ticket sales. Biggest disappointment is Hamilton but drop in attendance is unavoidable because new stadium isn't ready. Biggest overachievers are Edmonton and Winnipeg where attendances are high despite bad teams. Biggest underachievers are Toronto and Montreal where chronic low attendances are normal. After winning a grey cup, Toronto's attendance dropped! Biggest surprises are Winnipeg and Montreal where attendances increased despite declining teams.

I wouldn't call Hamilton's drop a 'disappointment'. That 13,000+ number was almost capacity at a temp facility (with portable toilets even) almost 60km from home with rainy weather almost half the games too killing walk-up crowd numbers. I would say hands down the 'biggest disappointment' label should apply to the Argos. Attendance dropping off in a season that they finished first in the East coming off a Grey Cup Championship. Now that's disappointing!

The Rider attendance went up also because of the added seating thanks to hosting the Grey Cup, not just from hosting. Numbers will come back down this year without the benefit of the seating.

Surprised the Als attendance went up given he way their season unfolded.

Are these figures regular season only or combined regular season and playoffs? If combined I'm not surprised the Argos numbers went down since the 2012 figures might've been boosted by the Grey Cup attendance.

Regular season figures. The Argos were just shy of 22,000 per game and it is undeniable that that is a poor stat for defending Cup winners - I am an Argofan by the way - but what we need is a long term strategy to get that figure up. The fact is there is an East West split with relative western powerhouses like the Esks and Stamps dragging the year on year average up towards the late 20 thousands. That reflects the on the ground reality that the game means more in the prairies than in the Metro areas of the East but surely we can get Toronto up to a figure nearer 30,000 with sensible marketing, ticketing and thinking.

For Toronto step 1, which I think they made steps towards with this season's schedule, is no more Tuesday night games. I'm not from Toronto but I can imagine its probably an hour or more drive home after the game. If the game ends at 10:00 on a Tuesday evening, that would make it extremely difficult for getting yourself and your family up for school/work the following morning. Certainly wasn't fan friendly this year in Toronto.

Agreed. Essentially we are looking for about 5 to 6,000 extra people in the metro area of many milions to get the habit of going to half a dozen or so matches a year. We need to do what is necesary to make the initial choice to attend as easy and attractive as possible and mid week evening ballgames do not fit the bil.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Montreal's attendance went up considering the season they had.
Edmonton has been dropping for a few season now, they need to find something to reignite the fan base....................... Calgary as well IMO.

Stamps seem to do okay, depending on the day, and the opponent.

Saskatchewan was up essentially from the capacity getting increased a couple of times over the season. it will be back down to normal capacity in 2014.

Edmonton needs to do something, because I fear they may be on the teetering point with many fans, which is a shame, because they have very strong support.

Bombers have set attendance records for what ...3-4 straight years. The new digs definitely aided that this season...hopefully either the novelty has not worn off or they field a better team.

I am glad to see the Als have growth in a rough time, and I am hoping the Stamps increase is a sign of good things to come...pretty good fan support, but it is not reaching its potential IMO

Hamilton...well, understandable in the smaller stadium and away from home

Toronto, I don't care what people say...they need a new stadium, because they were coming off a championship and had a great team. They should be getting a minimum of 25k, and in Canada's largest city, I would say more like 30k.