home and home games

I am a fan of each team play one another once before you play them a second time.
all teams improve as the season progresses, some more that others, and if your a strong team to start with there is nothing like playing weak teams at the start of a season, to get your team on a roll, and if your team is struggling you defiantly don't want to play a strong team especially back to back.
the other factor is injuries,
if your missing a few starters then you can have them back in a rematch farther down the road instead of a home and home and miss them for both games.
home and home by team.
BC, Calgary, Sask and Winnipeg, 3 each
Hamilton and Ottawa , 2
Edmonton and Toronto , 1
Montreal , 0
if you are having a home and home series at least have all teams play the same amount.

The CFL'S biggest two weeks in the regular season is based solely on back to back rivalries on LD and the following week. Killing that would be the stupidest thing you could do marketing wise.
I do agree they could mix up some of the back to backs in Oct.

then give all the teams equal number of back to backs not the discrepancies that they have now with 4 teams at 3, 2 teams at 2, 2 teams at 1 and 1 team with none,
like I said I'm not a fan of home and home series but to be fair have all teams play the same amount.

They should have thrown out this schedule the second it came up. How can Calgary play BC and Sask and Edmonton twice before playing Montreal and Toronto at all? This season was such a screw up...

I agree Best.

This schedule was the most screwed up ever.

Teams stacked against each other early then some division opponents do not face each other til late in the season. :roll: :roll: :thdn: :thdn:

Speaking of screwed up schedules.

Why am I not watching a game right now ?

Then a double header on Monday ?


Two games that don't have to compete against the NFL . Should get better ratings then would have today.

After LD, the CFL has games on Sunday till the end of the season. What I am saying is one of the games should be on Sunday.

I for one am not of fan of double headers. I say spread them out.

With the Jays sweeping Texas, at least the Argos don't have to compete with them today.
There would be only 15 people showing up at BMO, now there will be 20. :wink:

The scary part is apparently the league sent a few versions of the schedule to the teams and this was the BEST one!!! :lol: :lol: This is according to Len Rhodes of the Eskimos who was questioning the wisdom of of playing back to back home games this season only 5 days apart, and going 40+ days without a home game.

Whomever/whatever came up with this stupid, illogical, schedule needs to be at least fired or possibly beaten

Toronto had a three-game road trip, 29 days without a home game
BC had a three-game road trip, 37 days without a home game
Winnipeg had a three-game road trip, 39 days without a home game
Edmonton is on a four-game road trip, 43 days without a home game
Hamilton had a four-game road trip, 44 days without a home game
Ottawa had four home games in a row

I can't recall a season with so many ridiculous road trips. And considering the league had multiple world championships to deal with last season, it's strange that this year was so much worse. Aside from Toronto having restricted home dates, there's no reason for this. I'm hoping for a more balanced schedule next year.

I agree but also agree that the traditional Labour Day home-and-home games should remain. They are all within the division so play the team that you have a home-and-home series with, 3 times with the 3rd game either early in the season (e.g Hamilton TO this year played week 1 then September LD back-to-back) or in the last third of the season.

What I really dislike about Hamilton's schedule this year is the back-to-back with Ottawa AGAIN at the end of the season. Only play them twice and both years (2015 & 2016) at the end of the season

unless I misread the schedule, but I think not,
Ottawa plays Winnipeg and Sask plays BC in home and home in the last 2 weeks of the reg season.
Hamilton plays Edmonton in week 19 and Montreal in the last game of the season.