home and home games

i was looking at the stamps schedual and i noticed that we play the argos twice in a row late in the season. i know that they did the same thing last year and im pretty sure they did it 2 years ago also. so my question is do other teams seem to have these home and home games that seem to apear every year. (other than the labour day games)

Yes, one year , the Riders played Calgary 3 times in a 4 week span. There are lots of home and homes this year, due to suspension of the Renegades franchise.

do the schedule makers (usually, not after a team has folded) not try to set the schedule up that way....wouldnt it make sense to try to predict which teams will have meaningful games come seasons end.....I dont know, Im asking...anyone...

The Riders have 4 home and home sets this year... Calgary, Hamilton, Winnipeg(Labour Day and the banjo bowl), and Montreal. No home and homes with the rivals, save for Calgary, but that happens early in the year. Wether or not the games mean anything by the time we play Montreal is anyone's guess....

Montreal has 3 or 4 home and home series this year twice with Winnipeg

Those back to back home and away games can get
pretty nasty. Not sure you need so many of them

Hamilton has home-and-home series' with Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, toronto, and Edmonton.
Plus they start the season in toronto after playing the argos twice in pre-season, then games 2 through 6 are against Montreal-Calgary-Montreal-Calgary-Montreal.
And then 2 of their last 3 games are against BC.
I've never seen a crazier schedule than that.

Well with the Ottawa situation, you knew it was
going to look a little ugly. But really you'd
think they could of done better job balancing
out all the teams games.

After the Ottawa situation, the Argos ended up with 3 home at homes this year: Hamilton, Calgary and Edmonton; with the Stamps finishing the week before the Eskies. Needless to say, its going to be an interesting run to the post-season.