Home and Away: Guelph 2013 - Video

In a season of transition our fans from Hamilton and Guelph made the 2013 season one to remember and proved that TigerTown is everywhere. This video played at the final regular season game at Alumni stadium. http://www.ticats.ca/video/index/id/91953

For those who haven't seen it ... this is a really, really, really well done video marking the 2013 Regular Season up in Guelph.

Great seeing ourselves & so many friends, familiar face & fellow fans in the video montage!

Got me misty ... I won't deny!

A touching video indeed , those of us who experienced this great place and great season of Tiger-cats football at Alumni stadium.....Guelph and Alumni Stadium... it will always have a special place in our hearts. ........they did not turn us away as happened elsewhere ......for whatever reason, it does not matter now.

Guelph welcomed us with open arms and wanted our presence and it showed ..........we have one more game in this great place .......can't wait .........it is special for those of us that went and experienced this wonderful opportunity for a bit of difference and adventure.

Here! Here! :thup: :thup: Couldn't have said it better myself!

AWESOME!!!!! After watching that video,how can anybody not be a Ti-Cat fan!!!! I actually started tearing up watching this,the icing on the cake would be a Ti-Cat Grey Cup Victory.....but in the event they fall short of the Holy Grail this season regardless, has been to me one of the most memorable seasons in a long,long time :thup: :thup:

I know this is a minor detail, and I've seen it mentioned on here before, but can we try to work some shots of other fans into these promo videos and not just the Box J Boys. They seem like cool guys, but there were 13000 people at every game, I watched that video and saw the same handful of guys over and over again. Give some other fans a few seconds of fame :stuck_out_tongue:

Just watched this video a few minutes ago and it was indeed very well done and a great tribute to the Ticats staff for all the work that went into making Alumni Stadium a "home away from home" and the city of Guelph for being so welcoming. Seems to have been a win-win situation.

Unfortunately I didn't get to Guelph this season (I don't live in the area) although I had hoped to attend one game. However I have heard almost all good things about the fan experience there. A post season win there would indeed be the icing on the cake! :smiley:

Now is your chance to attend a game , get a ticket for the semi final , I know it's a couple of hour's drive but heck my girlfriend is from Penetang (not far from you ) and I am from Bruce County , gosh we make almost every game , ..........come along you'll have a blast .....bring a rain coat though if you come ...lol............Cheers

I live in Saskabush and could only make it to 1 Ticat game this year @ McMahon stadium wish I could have been there in Guelph my sister in law is a Ticat Cheerleader would have loved to cheer for her in person as well as help her cheer for the Cats :rockin:

I had a Awesome time in Guelph, we made it a weekend get away most games, from the tailgating to the overall experience, it was really well done. Thank-you Ticats, Guelph, and especially the Fans who made the trek :thup: :thup: I never thought I would say this, but I'm actually going to miss it :cry: But, Guess what ? there's one more Game :rockin:

I know that my Girlfriend, Daughter & myself have really enjoyed this season up in Guelph. Once we figured out the best routes to & from & settled parking issues, everything has been very smooth!

I really must commend the TiCats & their Guelph Ambassadors for doing absolutely everything to make us feel welcome.

The way I describe it to others, is that as soon as you get to Stone Road, you can't go a city block or 50 feet as you get closer to the stadium without someone wearing official gear & a headset asking if they can help or if you need directions or whatever.

We really liked walking through & around the campus prior to games. Like the Food Trucks. Like the wide open spaces around the stadium. GFriend & Daughter didn't like the Port-O-Potties so much ... But they adored the Tim Horton's we visit both before & after the games!

I've found the Guelph Experience to be much more family friendly. I've found no problem or issue in taking our daughter to the game no matter who was playing or what day/night/time of the week it happens to be that the game is played. I liked seeing so many young families @ the games. This is the future of TiCat Nation! As I've helped usher in the 4th Generation of TiCat Fan within out family ... It's nice to see other families embrace the experience & hopefully become TiCat Faithful for the generations to come!

great video and thank you to The Tiger Cats Organization and the City of Guelph for making Game Day such an enjoyable experience.
Season Tickets next year for sure!

Once Again ... PatMac says it more succinctly than I & to the point!