Holy Ticat Fans Batman!

If you enter the CFL forum page from cfl.ca, you can see each individual team's forums and the main cfl one. Very interesting to note is that the Hamilton one rivlas the whole CFL one! How does Hamilton have so many dedicated posters, but yet you rarely see them on the main board?

because there is nothing to do in hamilton, its boring smoggy, and most of the fans get hyped up on the forums.

It's because the Ti-cat forum on cfl.ca is also the same forum on the Hamilton Tiger-cats official web-site.

Yah primtetime, I hate it here with the gorgeous Niagara escarpement trails and waterfront trails on Lake Ontario and the bay and the ability to be in Port Dover for a swim in 45 minutes with no Toronto traffic and all that, you’re right, it’s just a boring smoggy city and all you see is what you see driving on the QEW to the Falls or Toronto, that’s all Hamilton is. :wink:

You forgot the 839 Tim Horton Donut stores! :wink:

I wish that Donut Diner would take over from Tim's though, their donuts are so much better but they don't have the selection of Tim's.
Don't get me talking donuts!!! 8)


If you go to ticats.ca and go to the forums there, it is the same forums you can access from cfl.ca

Basically that's the official Ticat forum, which is why there is so much activity compared to here.

If they were to put the eskfans and ourbombers and gostamps all in their respective forums here, im sure the numbers would all be very high.

The Ticats page is my favourite one aside from the Main page I love going on there just to talk football. They do have a serious amount of serious fans. They deserve a winning team. Well I guess all the fans across the league are tremendous but I got a soft spot for the Ticats.

I guess I am still waiting for the 1989 rematch.

Ti-Cat fans rival the Roughrider fans for being most passionate and loyal.

45mins, eh???

i drive from hamilton to dover every week and ive never once made it there in less than 2 hours.

i agree with this part, tho. :wink:

the fact that hamilton has its own beach, yet hamilton residents drive 2 hours to port dover should say something.

Ive been to Dover England... does that count?