Holy Mackinaw!

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Lions' caveat

I guess that guy's lucky they didn't Taze him. Or maybe they did later.

I think every Ticat fan should get a chance to taze this guy, I'd buy tickets for that...

Hey, this guy got the crowd to finally stop whispering and start roaring while our D was on. That alone make's him untazable to me. Don't get our crowd at all, it's like the damn movies. Everyones afraid to make noise while they're watching.

Maybe if there were more than 19,000 bums in the seats, wouldn't be so quiet... :?

Hopefully he was rewarded with an expense paid evening in the Crowbar Hotel.

Naw, still mad quiet, even on labour day with over 30,000 people there was alot of time that the argos O had peace and quiet. Disturbing, you're there, why not make noise? you scared to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends?!??!! A CFL game is the one place you can make a fool of yourself in front of your friends! No excuse! Gotta be loud tommorrow, every single person has to help screw the Al's signals up.

That'd be nice...reeeal nice. But I've been to a few games at I-W the last few years and I remember the crowd being pretty engaged, whether it's a play on the field or a brawl in the stands...always gets a rise outta the locals. :stuck_out_tongue: