Holy Holmes

Just looking at the stats (always click the player, so you get the bio & stats, as that is more accurate) and finding out how outstanding Corey's yards per carry are. Holmes, at 7.1 yards per carry is only .4 yards behind league leader Joffery Reynolds of Calgary (7.5). That number is giant, we could hand the ball to Corey every down, and never have to face a 3rd down situation (hypothetically of course). Now knowing that, you have to wonder WHY Holmes is not starting over Ranek (2.5 yards per carry). Holmes averages an astonishing 4.6 more yards per carry then our starter in Ranek. What is the decision behind this?

Lancaster, please start Corey against Montreal. We need the extra firepower in the backfield.

Short game is good for the # but we are not keeping the DB back to defend.

The reason he doesnt start is because if he was playing every down it would wear him out too much to do that AND play special teams. Also, he's the type of runner (speedy and shifty) that actually works better when he gets the ball speratically. It keeps the defense offguard when they have to deal with a tandem of running backs with two very different styles. If anything Ranek opens things up for Holmes... but the defense has got to make bigger holes for the power back.

He started in Saskatchewan when Keith was hurt, knowing this, and knowing he returned the ball at that time as well means he can play full-time. Ranek opens holes for nobody, the defense can read numbers, they know who 3 is, they know who 9 is. If Ranek could run right now, I’d have nothing against him starting, but he’s doing very poor. We need somebody starting back there that can gain yards. 2.5 yards per carry wouldn’t even be suitable in the NFL, let alone 3-down CFL.

Holmes is a player. I say he should be put into the starting rotation on O somehow. He's just too dangerous to be kept on the bench when we have the ball.

Exactly. Play Holmes as much as possible. Ranek is in the mix, but until the O-line figures itself out and can start making holes consistently, Holmes will be our best RB simply because of his elusiveness.

I am always amused at the "he's small and he might break" routine. So was Jimmy Edwards. So is Charles Roberts...I could go on and on. We have plenty of reps to go around. I think Holmes is our best bet right now.

As for special teams, rotate him with Yeast, especially if we fall behind. We need Corey on the field as much as possible in situations like that.

Having Ranek and Holmes on the field at the same time as well will cause mismatches in the passing game.

Oski Wee Wee,