Holy Flick

It's about time we started getting the ball to Flick. That catch was one of the best catches I've ever seen. He was all over the place last night. Really put himself out there to make the catches. I can't wait to see the repeat performance in Edmonton next week.

Good thread, Borehamgirl. It was nice to see D.J. Flick have an outstanding game last night. Also, Jason Maas did a better job of leading his receivers with his passes last night.

Ya flicks catch was amazing

Good Ole Flick!

Great catch ...!!

Twisting diving ,.....caught it!

Then banged his head hard on the turf! :thup:

Now THIS is a congratulatory thread that makes sense.

Well done DJ... Throw it up and most of the time he'll bring it down.

Hope that shoulder is better.

It really helps when a guy is running patterns where he can shine.

Earlier in the season all he ever did was run to the side lines five yds down field and stand there.
Wide receivers are there to put pressure on the other teams defence down field.

I think Maas put to rest the idea that he cant throw the deep ball !!!

Paopao's offence can be blamed for that.

yup, next myth do dispell, that he can't spread the ball around... (176 yards passing, 114 of which were to Flick...)

next week Jason!

Too true, there's no real point in running downfield when you know the throw is going to be 6 yards max. :roll:

Kamau Peterson should have had two, but he dropped both.

Edit: he cut one route way too short.

Kamau still played a helluva game. He made some good catches and pushed for more yards.

Now last night looked like #82 that I know and love. There were some sweet catches!!

but… thats his job…

you're quite right and when I do an outstanding job at work I get credit for it and so should he.

im being sarcastic.. see the boreham thread. i think flick did a great job last night

But that's just his job, and if he does his job, that should be enough.

(yeah, I read that thread, too)

Theres a difference between the way Flick played last night and the way Boreham did.

Flick was outstanding, where as Boreham didnt screw up.

both, "did their job". simple as that. if your not gonna give boreham any credit, dont give any to flick. its his job to catch balls. its not borehams fault he was only called on twice. 2/2 or 5/5.. still 100% isnt it?