holy crap

Obvious interference call against MONTREAL : NO CALL! :roll: :thdn:

While I agree that MONTREAL is getting allot of breaks from terrible NON calls in this game , that doesn't mean that the whole league is BUSH , and all PRO LEAGUES have bad officals , not just the CFL. :thup:

I don't think Montreal are getting a lot of breaks. The referees have thrown the game. What they have done is illegal. If I were betting on Sports Select, I'd sue. What has happened tonight goes much further than bad officiating this one time.

Be careful what you wright. You have to prove that. You could get sued.

Bring it on.

Just giving you some advise. :thup:

I picked WINNIPEG to WIN. but I am an ARGO fan. It would be better if WIN. lost for TORONTO in the standings.

I have always supported CFL refs " a team loses or wins a game , not the refs " .

The RE-PLAY calls were 2 for 4.
They just blew another one. :roll:

But this game had the most 1 sided reffing that I have seen in years. :thdn: :roll:

Another blown instant replay! That was CLEARLY and interception.

Plus , it was in the last 3 minutes.That is illegal. :roll:

Horrid, horrid call....and why allow the challenge in the last three minutes of the game?

Well it's official. Now even the CBC play by play people are saying the game has been poorly called and the refs are making several errors. As a person who has played a lot of highly competitive sports, Referees can cause a team to win or lose a game. Only a person who has been in an armchair all their life wouldn't think this could be the case.

TRULY THE WORST CFL reffing I have seen in 10 years. :roll: :thdn:

Oh man, oh man, oh man...

Never in my life have I seen such CONSISTENT bad officiating. These refs should be fired.

I feel for Winnipeg for they have been robbed quite a few times in the second half. That WAS an interception from Hebert. Plus many non-calls.

Montreal would still have won. I mean, the birds outscored Winnipeg 28 to 1 in the second half, but still, it could have been a close game and it's now a blowout.

I stand corrected regarding replay:

All Instant Replay Reviews will be operated on a Challenge system for 2006, except for the last 3 minutes of the second half and in overtime.

The extent of the officiating in this game almost makes me seriously think that this game was fixed...

Reminds me of some of the old Juventus vs AC Milan games in Serie A...

That makes me very, very afraid for the CFL.

Anybody heard Doug Berry yelling to the line judge "I can't wait for that game to be over so I can send in my report!".

lol... I would be pissed too.

Eh well, Montreal is still unbeaten !

Very classy of you! THANK YOU! :thup:

I usually defend the REFS , but tonight was a joke , and it is not MONTREAL's fault!

The worst reffing that I have seen in 10 years. :thdn: :roll: :thdn:

«I can't say that these last 30 minutes of officiating were stellar.»

  • Eric Tillman, CBC analyst who has to stay polite

Totally agree; that was horrid officiating. Winnipeg got the worst of it...sure Watkins got robbed of a TD, but most of the other bad calls cost the Bombers. As an Als fan I'm glad we won, but it's a slightly tainted victory (I agree with Third, we probably would have won anyway even with all the bad calls, but it leaves one BAD taste in the mouth).

There is only one way to describe this game-- poor officiating all around. They have a few calls backwards- the TD catch by the Als receiver in the 1st half, and the interception by Hebert. I always said the officiating in the CFL was brutal-- and this game proves that without a doubt. Winnipeg had a lot of calls against them that were not penalties, and Montreal got away with a couple, the one that sticks out for me was pass interference by the rookie #41( dont remember the name off hand). The CFL is going to have to take a serious look at its officiating, this was absolutely terrible.

Correction: The CBC guys said the last 30 minutes of the game had awful officiating. Meaning that, YES, there was an interception on Watkins and the refs blew the call. I agree 100%. BUT, they seem to forget that at the end of the first half, Watkins clearly caught a TD pass and the refs did not make the call, even after review! So, the refs screwed up the whole game, period. I am ticked off that the CBC crew only mentioned the second half.

Furthermore, when the Watkins TD catch was refused after review, the game was still on the line. The game was out of reach when the refs overturned the interception…