holy crap

whattta catch from watkins...that was an amazing catch


Gotta say the refs blew the challenge review on that one. Ball was clearly in his posession as he hit the ground.

The referees in this game are terrible. How many times are they going to try to give this game to Montreal. Just another reason why the CFL will always be a second rate league. I'm embarrassed to be a CFL fan yet again.

As much as I dislike the Als, they got robbed on that review of the pass reception in the end zone.

I thought that the reviews were supposed to fix crappy calls!

Als got completely robbed! and coaches can't challenge 3 minutes before the half. Why are they allowing this?(check out my other thread).

Man... what's the replay for, you gotta wonder...

Well then I guess the nfl and nfleurope and Afl are second rate leagues as well, because ALL reffing is in consistent!

Tonight WINNIPEG got called allot and they missed many MONTREAL , infractions [holding and rough play]

But they did miss the T.D. by MONTREAL. BUT they did get the MONTREAL punt recovery right.

I’m just wondering where all the holding calls are coming from. Even on the replays the play by play guys can’t see them. How many times have they commented tonight about missed penalty calls against Montreal?

that call by the refs, or calls the penalty was bad to, was ******, but Montreal still got the TD in the end.

They should just do away with referees and use gentlemens rules. Something like this:
Hey man you didn't catch that!!
Yes I did!
No way, I saw it hit the ground.
Ok, you're right. It was incomplete.
I'm sure it would be just as effective.

This is absolutely getting out of hand. Calling Stegall for offensive pass interference when another Winnipeg received catches the ball for 8 yards. Why don't they just give Montreal the 2 points and we can all just go home. Absolutely brutal officiating. The league should be embarrassed.

I give up. Shut down this two-bit league. The penalties being called are absolutely riduculous.

your going to shut down the CFL cuz because the refs sux? what have you been smoking? were you still in your cave when the Super Bowl was on?

STEGAL did a pick :thdn: , however the refs called roughing the passer on WIN , but called no pen. on MONTREAL when they put WIN'S back up Q.B. out of the game.The Montreal guy lead with head and hit the WIN. Q.B. in the head , and there was no call! :thdn:

:thup: :rockin:

The poor officiating is just another example of how pathetic this league has become. By my count, that's the third penalty called against the wrong Bomber player [penalty called against a player not even on the field]. Is this not the league that recently lost the Ottawa franchise again? Talk about poor management.

Yep-This is only one problem of many. Didn't the league just lost the Ottawa franchise again?

at the moment it's hard to argue with you