Holy Cow

what gives with the colts.

I know its only preseason but, 3 losses, -68 in nets points, which is dead last in the league. Thats bad, even for preseason.

Good thing it is preseason, Green Bay scored 59 pts. on em. Yikes.

If i were a colts fan, i wouldn't be worried.
Colts' pre-season record over the the past 5 years:

2009: 1-3
*2008: 1-4
2007: 1-3
2006: 1-3
*2005: 0-5

  • Hall of Fame game gives them 5 pre-season games.

Check out what Tampa Bay does to get a pre-season win. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-high ... _headlines :smiley: