Holy Cache Creek- BC Lions may NOT WIN ANOTHER GAME!!!


Wow- Geroy Simon out, Brittle Buck out, Dinged Dave still out- The Lions are in serious trouble and may lose the rest of their games. This is tragic for Lions fans and the league. Tough run of injury bad luck Leos fans. Start looking at the NFL cuts Bobby, now!
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While I wish they would be, I severely doubt this is true. They still have a good defence, and they did just play Calgary to a 45-all tie.

Although, there can be something said for the fact that they couldn't beat Calgary . . .

Turkeybend adds nothing to these forums. Dont you have some hay to bail?

Lets see you take the hit Pierce did tonight. Land on your shoulder like that and you wouldnt even be able to type your drivel!

Turkey needs to be a politician. I like the spin he puts on against both the lions and stamps in different posts just to be an ass. /pity

Turkeybend adds more than you do. He is humorous.

...i see the turk has claimed another victim in his web of sarcasm....lighten up nobby....comparing turkey to a 'politician'....wellll that's just not right.... :lol:

Don't know Papa, I'd kind of like to see Mulroney get piled on but some dreams just don't come true...

...agreed...... :lol:

I'm a little worried about the team myself, and I'm not even really a fan. Good thing for them they've got a bye next week. They'll need it. :lol:

It is not just a BYE week it is BYE,BYE to the Lions as contenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Leos need to bring back Roy Dewalt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

turkeybend, would you like to make a friendly wager as to who will be hosting a Western Final Playoff game this season?

You do realize turkey's not all there, right? I mean, really....this is the guy who once helped plan out his own marriage ceremony to wed saskargo.....

I know, that's why I want to make the bet with him :wink:

Biased Turkeybend always taunt fans of other cities. No doubt BC and Calgary will win more games in the future. Teams such as BC and Montreal have already proven they can still win games despite injuries.

He taunts other fans of other cities so he doesn't have to worry about his own.