Holmes ...

Exhitit A- He's not getting the pt here

    B-  He left the team last week to be with his wife who was expecting, problem is she didn't have the baby last week she's expecting this week.  

    C-  He wears a Rider mouthpiece!

Now people dump on Maas for not having his heart in Hamilton, what about Holmes! He obviously doesn't want to be here, so move him!

So based on this information, you're assuming that Holme's wants out? The evidence you present looks very suspect to me. It's not unusual for a woman to be late giving birth to a newborn, so you can discard that theory right now.

The balance of you conclusions are based on his amount of playinf time and the fact that he wears a Rider mouthpiece? Give me a break!

When I saw your sensationalized topic, "Holmes is Leaving", it ocurred to me that your post was only one person's opinion. . . . Yours!
Guess this is one of the posts I should have ignored.

hmmm how do you know the due date ?

That was an old mouthguard, before the Hamilton dentist made him a new one.

big deal he has green teeth?.....gotta lauagh at something .......
I feel sick to my stomach ... :cowboy: