Nothing more needs to be said.

Didn't look like he wanted out of Hamilton tonight.


Finally, something positive to say!!!! Can we keep him here.....????????

He might have been running to get out of the stadium.

That was a sad joke. I also thought that the 5th Quarter caller who said that Holmes was no good tonight because he didn't break 60 and 70 yarders like he always did in Saskatchewan was also making a sad joke. He was what- 17 for 130 yds or about 7 yds per carry. His best year was about 6.8 yds. per carry. tonight was what we were looking for.

Holmes was the best infact the only ticat on the field tonight in my opinion. He made sure we got field position a number of times either by returning punts or by receiving passes or rushing the ball only to be called back by other players penalities. This guy showed how good and key is his tonight and we need to sign this guy and quick.

We have to give a great offer to keep him here, with a decent starting qb and receivers, this guy would be even better.

Impressed with Holmes ,especially when used with Ranek.

When Josh got banged up he seemed less effective...

He did look great :slight_smile:


Corey Holmes is Hamilton's best player. He still doesn't get the ball enough.