Holmes to Steeltown

What do Rider fans think of the trade that just occured? Corey Holmes to Hamilton so that we can get first pick and, I assume, pick Kerry Joseph.

....no no, Shiv/Barrett will go for Brad Banks to make a triple set of backup QBs on your roster.......sucks today to be Rocky Butler I guess......

Stupid move, too a high a price to pay for Joseph. I would have offered Kenton Keith instead, and maybe a flip of DD picks.

…you dont’ get it sambo…what you ‘offer’ is pretty different than what you may have to give up…

I have a new nickname for the Riders..... Reason for editing has been edited

If that happened i think you would see Rider fans collectively blow their tops at once.

As for Butler, get rid of him. He hasn’t dont anything over the last year and a half except for hold a clipboard.

As they say, if you're a third string qb for 5 seasons and haven't moved up the ranks why in the heck are you still on the roster?

So then we would have picked 3rd, instead of 1st and 3rd

as far as this trade is concerned Ii think the price was too high. Yes we do need a quarterback and a good quality receiver but i would have much rather seen Kenton Keith go instead of Corey Holms after the mess that happened near the end of the season last year.

After the dispersal draft is done you will definately see some movement. Hopefully the Riders front orfice will actually start doing something.

As R&W already said, what you offer and what you have to give up can be two different things.

Why is everyone forgetting Gordon. Its reported he is gone too. Gordon is great. Hits like a truck. Ya we have Edwards, but I like Gordon more. He is also a big loss. In the second round they should be looking at getting some Canadian talent.

Man, Hamiltons improving big time this offseason.

You think Big Dave is smiling???

As a Riders fan I have long believed that a QB was what we needed to take it to the next level. Now we have that, I'm not concerned with what we had to give up to get it.

Hamilton would not have taken Keith. Holmes was our only option in this trade. The way I look at it is we get a starting qb in Joseph, who is a definite upgrade and we get an explosive receiver in Armstead who is also a good return man. And remember Armstead only had 100 less all-purpose yards then Holmes last year. Also Holmes was splitting time at rb with Keith. Keith is a capable running back, if he can stay healthy, and should be able to carry the load this year. And now we got a qb to get the ball to Dominguez and a great receiver to take the pressure off Dominguez. Good move by the Riders in my opinion.

......here is how the trade went down today:

Shiv: I will gives you my left shoe for dat first pick
Ron: um, I dont' think so Roy, you're not my size, let's talk money
Shiv: alright, how 'bout all the casino chips I have in my left pocket?
Ron: How about your entire defensive squad?
Shiv: hmmmmm, that is entertaining, but I mights be in trouble for that
Ron: tell you what Roy, I'll make this simple, Corey Holmes, Reggie Hunt, Matt Dominguez, Scott Gordon, your first round college draft and all the chips in your right pocket.
Shiv: What? You wants my right pocket? No ways man, you ain't touchin any of dat biz. Hows bout Kenton Keith?
Ron: Holmes, Gordon, draft pick and the contents of your right pocket, final offer.
Shiv: Damn, you tough you know dat? O'tay, you gots a deal, I'll let Danny know what's up and empty my pocket here. Look at that, three $50 chips and half a rocket. Nice doing bizniz witch you Ron.

Gordon and Holmes for Joseph is not worth it. I'm still cheering for Holmes, whether he's a Rider or not. We gave up too much, in my opinion.

.........watch for Saskatchewan's offensive scheme to take a whole new approach......pass before the run, KK in for those one/two yard gains for first down and a scrambling QB......

You know, I made a comment to ro on Sunday, as soon as I heard there was to be a dispersal draft for the Gades. The comment read something to the effect that I thought the reason Holmes hadn't been signed to a contract extension was because people knew this was coming, and could potentially use Holmes as trade bait. I said it somewhat tongue-in-cheek at the time, but man.....I gotta quit making predictions.....


Holmes is a great player and great off-field but we need the help at qb and we need the help at receiver and Joseph and Armstead will bring us that. Also Holmes only has one year left in his contract and who knows, maybe we'll get him back next year. But for the time being they filled in the slots that needed filling in with Ottawa's two best offensive stars..

Absolutely agreed. I still, though, think Holmes isn't worth giving up for Joseph. Joseph is unproven as yet.....hopefully he proves me wrong.....I agree with Red, though.....our offense appears to be nicely restructuring.....wonder if we'll see more than two I-formations this season.....