Holmes Starting

Saw in the paper today that Ranek will start on Saturday. I find it hard to believe that Holmes would not start at some position. How about the 2nd back or at slot/receiver. If Marshall continues to start an extra 2 Canadians and leaves him on the bench I think it would be time to start evaluating some the coaching staff's decisions.

Anyone heard if Brooks will start and if A. Davis will dress??

We will just have to see when the depth chart comes out.
I agree that with the outstanding game lastweek and the very much proven track record that Holems should be a starter. But with all the we have picked up, someone else would be having to get shafted. Only possible idea would be to platoon.
For Davis, he is slated as being on the IR, and as long as the "little ball of hate" is healthy, it will be hard for him to crack the roster.
As for our MLB, while Brooks had a great pre-season (as didn much of our team but then struggled last week) I would much rather have Auggie up the middle.

where exactly do you plan on starting Holmes? and Who do you plan on benching to do it?

Good questions Crash. Love Holmes but would like to see him returning punts and kickoffs, concentrating on that and coming in to the offence periodically when needed.

Exactly Right, Earl. It’s all about touches.

They don’t give out Hero badges on the basis of who started games,
they are given out for what a player does with his touches.

Corey represented the West as it’s Most Outstanding Player that way,
he will have a chance to do the same here in the East.

Good points Earl and Ron. Corey isn't a one dementional player he as everyone saw last week he can do so many things. I would rather have him return kicks but then bring him in as an extra back or receiver so we have that extra threat.

Besides, I'd rather Holmes average fewer touches than last week in the offensive scheme and still be fresh at the END of the season. Ranek is a great back; if we can spread out the work between him, Holmes, Radlien, and occasionally Aidoo, they'll all be in great shape come October.

The season is not a sprint.

i wanna see brooks at MLB

Crash, Holmes is our best offensive threat, if we are starting an extra 2 Canadains have him in the backfield at time with Ranek and/or have him as the 5th receiver. Make the other teams have to defend/worry about him.

Why all the Auggie support????????

davis is out for at least a month according to chmls ticat show last sunday

Crash, Holmes is our best offensive threat,
Agree completely.
if we are starting an extra 2 Canadains have him in the backfield at time with Ranek and/or have him as the 5th receiver. Make the other teams have to defend/worry about him.
I dont get this, We need a fullback for lead blocking, Radlein opens up holes for Ranek. You cant just start 2 tailbacks in the backfield when the rushes require a lead blocker... see Troy Davis for those results.

5th Receiver? Now he isnt starting which defeats your argument of starting him.

Why all the Auggie support????????
Not from me, Bobby Brooks should be starting hands down IMO.

Why is anyone surprised Ranek is starting? The entire playbook is based on him as the RB with Holmes in specialized roles/plays.
You're going to rewrite the entire running attack after one game? yikes
that's almost as big an over-reaction as benching your starting QB after a pick.
Well, maybe not that big.

As an Argo fan, I'm happy Holmes isn't starting:)

Those who say that Holmes would be best utilized on special teams and only in certain situations on offense may be right. But with the injury to Ranek, Holmes had to be used throughout the game rather than in special situations. And I look forward to seeing how he'll be used. But I can already imagine some people complaining about him being underutilized.

Ans as for Brooks, I also wonder he did not start and recieved little playing time. Could he or Barrenechea not be moved to the outside?

Just because a player is named the “starter? doesn’t necessarily mean they will solely be the player to fill that position.

Rotating between Ranek and Holmes through out the game brings a few new elements. You get the flash and thunder type scheme. When Homes is on the field element of surprise is at its best. He can rush the ball or he can swing out for a pass making him a double threat. While Ranek adds extra pass protection in addition to he rushing threat. Both players cause the LB’s to stay home and play honest watching for the run first, and opening up the passing game.

You need to play Holmes more then just on speciality teams; he is the kind of play that gets better as the game goes on. I am most impressed that at 5’8 and 189 lbs it still takes 2 or 3 guys to take him down, he keeps his legs pumping and earns extra yards for it. I have referrer to him as the little Fireball.

I would think that Ranek is a better pass blocker, which would be better for play action passes and keeping the defence guessing.

Also, if Holmes starting at RB means that he won’t be returning punts, I think that hurts us significantly.

Holmes should be used on special teams first and situationally for runnning and receiving. We need him as a return threat.

That said, he needs to be in the offence like 50% of the time. Radelin is good when trying to run between the tackles, but with Ranek and Holmes in the backfield, the defense cannot key on one guy. I also think Radelin needs to be given the ball for carries on more then just 1 and 2 yard runs. Last week, O’Shea was keying on Holmes in the second half, and this reduced his production.