Holmes Starting RB for Remaining Games !!!

8) According to Coach Lancaster in todays Spec, Corey Holmes will be the starting number 1 running back for the remainder of the year !!! Josh Ranek's knee injury is serious, but Lancaster said that had nothing to do with his decision regarding Holmes !!!

That is rather laughable since Anthony Davis is still hurt and can't play, leaving Holmes as the real only threat being healthy enough to play the RB spot !!!

I still dont think its enough to get him to come back next year... we've already had our chance and blown it with Corey.

8) Your're right !!! I agree, we probably have blown it with Holmes at this point !! He probably will return to Regina, or heaven forbid, sign with the Argos as a free agent !!

Never say never, show Corey Holmes the ball and show he is wanted here and I think he'll stay. Gotta believe!

If he doesn't sign they are smart enough to at least trade him for something....?

It all depends on Desjardins.
If he wants Holmes back next year (and I can't imagine why he wouldn't) he needs to sit him down, tell him to forget about this year, lay out his vision of how this team is going to be run in the future, who his likely coaching candidates are.... all that stuff. And it's up to Corey whether he wants to be part of it.
And he needs to do the same with all the FA's he want to keep.

True jerkface. The problem here could be that the coach who comes in may prefer say a back who is bigger and doesn't care as much about the moves and quickness Holmes brings to the table, he might want more of a Robert Edwards type of back, and Corey would want to know this for sure.

...in which case they may not put as much effort into trying to keep him.

Anyway, he doesn't become a free agent until Feb 15th, so they should definitely have the head coach and co-ordinators signed up by then. Hopefully whoever that is is smart enough to know how to use Holmes properly.

I don’t think Holmes is an every down back especially if they want him to pass block as well.
IMO he’s always had the most success as a returner, a pass receiver and an occassional RB.
I would think it will be a different story if defenses know where he’s going to line up on every play and start to key on him.
But I think he a talented athlete and finally got his deserved recognition last year.


Our only hope lies with Marcel being able to convince him that things will change and that he'll pay him what Cory thinks he's worth.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I honestly have no idea what will happen.


Marcel needs to get Holmes to sign ASAP or ask him where he wants to go and arrange a trade. This guy would be outstanding on a good team and I can't believe any contender would not wwant to add a Corey Holmes. Waiting for the season to end and then trying to sign him will be a huge mistake!

Agreed,myself I'd prefer a power back ,untill then .....

I like a Scat back like Holmes..
there no way we can trade him with Injuries to Josh and Anthony

Where Razer Thin at Tailback..

Right now at running back we have..

Hooray, Corey Holmes can & will carry the load. He's Hamilton's best player.

Music to my ears people!