Holmes signs for 3 years

Ti-Cat website just announced the signing. He's staying in Hamilton and is happy to be there.

ok i just read that :o well good luck to Cory, i hope he likes it there and being on a last place team :lol:

I just read that on the CFL main page. I can expect all the trade rumours to now be laid to rest. If Holmes really wanted out, I doubt he would have signed a multi-year deal.

so much for him comming home... good luck to him and the future ti-cats

unless a team wanted him for more than 1 year... just throwing the idea out there...

Thanks for Corry Rider Fans..
He'll be Ticat for While now..

Very disappointing. For once I can say Shivers did the wrong thing for this team during all his time as GM. Shivers was always a great GM but trading away Holmes was good enough reason to have him fired in my opinion.

Joseph is ok but nothing great he's the same thing as Greene only we have talented receivers this year and we are still a .500 team. Joseph was not worth losing Holmes for when our record is still no better, or possibly about to finish worse than Greene's 11-7 with another 9-9 season. Wasn't the expectation of scrapping Greene to get us a QB to lift us over .500 AND give us a home playoff game? Everyone says Joseph is better than Greene well how so? As a starter so far Joseph is 4-6 in 10 games played. Last year Greene was 4-6 as a starter in the 10 games that he started. How is that not the same thing? We aren't going to have a home playoff game again this year, and we'll be doing good to finish 9-9 and stay above Edmonton.

We lost Gordon too in that trade. Clovis is ok but Gordon was a great team player with a lot of passion who I thought was our best young and upcoming player. I still remember Gordon's monster hit on Cahoon last year in the game in Montreal (I believe) that sent him out for a couple weeks.

Joseph better come up big in the last few weeks or Holmes loss will be in vain.

Are you saying that if it was Nealon playing in Ottawa, he would have had 4000 yarda passing and over 1000 yards rushing? As much as I love Nealon, I dont think so. KJ is an upgrade...

Corey will be back in Sask. The TiCats signed him to a 3 year contract to improve his trade value.