Holmes Should be Starting

Corey Holmes Need to be Starting...
He Was a Great Tonight..

The Little Ball Hate is 2 yards and Done..

AGREE@!!@ hes wicked and put life in the crowed with his runs. ranek made me sleepy.. vote for holmes!

I agree, but one thing should be clear: they are different kinds of backs. Holmes is more capable of making people miss with his cutback ability than Ranek.

Notice as well that most running plays for Ranek are run out of the shotgun. There isn't a sustained I-formation running game on first down -- which Ranek is quite good at. The offensive line has been too static too often, and Ranek is best when he can get outside the tackles. It doesn't help either when toss plays are blowing up at the goal line, either.

At the moment, Holmes is our best option re the running game. We need to open things up to allow Ranek to be more effective. As is, his slow start (injury-compounded earlier on) has continued.

Time will tell if Josh has get his groove back. I do know that tonight we saw flashes of why Corey Holmes is such an exceptional talent.

Oski Wee Wee,

I love the way Holmes plays football on special teams and in the offence .He`s great and I want to see more of him !!!!

No, he shold not start on offense.

He's way to valuable as a returner. His retunrs last night were great and consistently big gains.

Offensively he's grerat in a platooning situation cuz as the defense adjusts to Ranek and his plays, Holmes brings something completely different.

I like how he's being used.

Starting doesn't always mean that you are better than someone else. You have to use a player according to his strengths and weaknesses.

if we get Hill back, hen i say we start holems... he fits into our offence way better than ranek.. we dont have to type of run up the mniddle offence we need a quick speedy guy who can dodge people.

Even if we don't get Hill back (no guarantees), Holmes should at least get more reps at RB and SB than he does now. If it is a tiredness issue re his returns, he can be spelled by someone (e.g. Yeast). I don't understand the logic behind keeping him as a backup RB if he is being more effective at this point of the season than the starter.

Garney Henley, Earl Winfield, Rufus Crawford, and Jimmy Edwards are four examples of Cats who played special teams and started (heck Henley virtually never left the field!). If it is an issue of Corey not being able to do that, I would understand. I suspect not, however, if he has recovered fully from injury.

Oski Wee Wee,

No knock on ranek at all intended.

But with Anthony Davis returning soon. I would like to see him get some game reps, and (depending on his play)I would be open to trading Ranek for an OLB or a DB. However, I can't think of a team in the league who would be a willing trade partner. But that's my 2 cents.

Holmes is vital to the success of the ticats offense, IMO. It seems that every time he touched the ball yesterday, something very good would come out of it. I think he deserves to be starting at RB, instead of Ranek. Maybe the Lions might want him, Warren hasn't been looking too steady as of late.