Holmes Ranek

Does anyone know about Holmes and Ranek? Both got hurt. What is the latest anyone? Not big on Childs. What about Cates being back?

Reading the papers. Listening to the radio. Austin and Tillman never push players to come back to soon. If it is almost healthy they do not play. Respect that but wish Cates was playing. Healthy Cates helps Riders beat Lions. Anyone know anything?

Szarka is out, Cates is a possibility and Holmes will play.

No. And no one should be to concerned, as we'll all know soon enough. Let the Riders and their fans worry about preparing for BC regardless of whos playing. A worst case scenario would be for a fan or media type to blow their cover when they should have NO distractions.


If Wes Cates can play it would be sweet. I love his blocking ability.

They said during the game that Ranek got pulled because of a concussion. Can't see him playing a week after a concussion but anything is possible.

Yeah.. A concussion doesnt sound like it allwos for a good chance of seeing him play...

Austin implied on the news last night that Ranek will most likely play. He made a point of saying that if The Riders were "in that deep", they would be in a bad situation. He was talking about only having Holmes and Childs. With that comment I assume that he meant that Ranek will be ready.

Cates was saying that he has an "arch sprain". The injury is not severe but it makes him unable to run very well. So when they say day by day with Cates I think they are being as honest as possible.

Szarka should have stuck to baking cakes for Sasktel commercials instead of using a table saw. However, the only good news is that Szarka will be able to play next year (providing he makes the cut).

Either way, I hope Ranek is at full form. We need a power back to parallel an explosive Smith.

From The Green Zone, looks like Cates won't be playing on Sunday - unfortunately. Also, "Josh Ranek has been cleared to play Sunday and Chris Szarka is a possibility as well."

Holmes should be good to go so that's something at least even if he's just catching those screen passes out of the backfield it'll keep the B.C. pass rush guessing.

We will know more tomorrow but looks like Ranek is good to go Cates unlikely, Szarka's out :frowning: Holmes is in. We should know more about Cates in the next day or so.

Good. Holmes and Ranek give us a chance. Liked Ranek Sunday. Better than I expected. To bad he got hurt. Know Tillman like Childs. But I do not. Should have cut him I think.

Cates is done for the season - stress fracture.

Szarka is a possibility for Sunday.


There is also another rb been brought in as insurance.

As long as Ranek stays healthy this game and Holmes dosen't get stuck running plays designed for Ranek they will make a good tandom . Keep Szarka out and put Hughs in, Hughs is as good a blocker pluse he is quicker and is stronger in the legs.........GO RIDERS