Holmes or Keith?

Mabey Holmes should be the main running back. He did a pretty good job when Keith was hurt or was that success due to the teams he went up against? Well what do you think rider fans?

........not a rider fan, sorry, but you guys should stick with Holmes, he has had some amazing games.......but then there's nothing wrong with KK either, utilize them both for a two prong running attack........

I like Keith, but I love Holmes. Holmes seems more diverse in his play abilities, whereas Keith takes the ball up the middle nineteen times out of twenty. It's getting old, and other teams have him solved. Now, should Keith start to vary his play somewhat, my mind could very well change. . .

i would take holmes no doubt when they played the allouettes on 11 carries and 27 yards while holmes had 6 carries for 26 plus keith fumbled the ball

Just a thought. At least a few people are ragging on KK for always running up the middle, but why is he to blame for that? Don't the RBs just run the plays that they are given? It seems to me that the questions should be, why are they only having Keith run up the middle? It's hard to fool anyone if you don't change things up a bit.

I think both are good. I'm not sure if we need them both, but since they're both here right now, we may as well make use of them. I don't think we've been doing that very well yet. If I had to choose, I'd probably take Holmes. He's been around longer, and has proven himself to be consistent.

I like the current set up the way it is. Holmes at slotback, Keith in the back field. If only they would get Keith to the outside for once, at least change up the plays. Charging up the gut every run for Keith gets a bit predictable, and without Nate Davis it will only end in failure as we've seen. You can tell Keith is getting frustrated by it too, his fumbles should be evidence enough.

I'd also like to see Dorsey get a chance. He's been fine on punt return so far from what we've seen. This guy has a good pair of legs, and he think he has some qualities of both Keith and Holmes in one. I think this guy will be one of the best running backs in the league if we give him a chance for some CFL experience. He wouldn't be suited to charging up the gut though...

I agree, Keith has the to Speed get to the outside, whens the last time they did a Pitch out? Screen pass? This falls primarily on Coaching, Marcel was alot more creative last year, running up the middle is fine as long as its not 75% of your run offense.

KK has more speed, but Holmes is tough to take down, it depends on the defence we are playing?? I dont' know! Plus Holmes barely ever fumbles.

As Keith is still getting his feet back in game shape, Holmes takes a few snaps here and there. I think the Ottawa game will be Keith seeing more snaps, possibly the whole game. You could line Holmes up as slot if you need to as well. You want to use him wherever you can.

Nobody likes Szarka any more?

I bloody love that guy. He's a truck - nothing can stop him when he gets on a roll. Quite frankly, I don't think he touches the ball enough. I'm never more confident than when it's second and short, and they give it to Szarka to punch it through - he almost always does it, and there's usually two or three guys hanging off him in the process.

He will always be there no matter who else is playing tail back.

JM02 the problem KK is experiencing is the fact defenses are not spread out by longer passes teams are playing up tight thus shutting down the run and the short passes. Greene throws those high percentage passes thinking it can pad the stats. You have to utilize the whole field or KK and even Holmes can not break through.

Couldn't have said it better myself.I don't get why we would use the QB sneak and risk an injury when we know Szarka has just as good as chance if not better of getting the 1st down.

Some how the coaches have to rediscover this d9 cat. Right now the riders have a good team but no a good QB and not a good coach. Hmm sounds like the Stamps of last year but you would have to add a GM in there.
IMO Holmes is the guy what more can he do for this team. Whereas KK has been a changed man for some reason.

I think if the Riders have a good game and blowout the Renegades then KK will have a great game. You can't really say he isnt producing cause in the last 3 games knowone really has. Watch out cause he will turn the corner sooner or later.

It is good that your onJM02, Mcracken and szarkatrain33 you are a good fans many more but you guys have to do something about unrealriders.

Well I didn’t exactly come here to make friends.