Holmes needs a contract

well looks like after this season holmes can go wherever.. why havnt we hooked him up with like a 6 year contract@ lol

If Holmes doesn't sign a long term deal here then that's proof that there is something wrong with either the locker room or the coaching staff.

I think the coaching may be the deciding factor here. If I were Holmes and I wasn't inserted into the O at all after being the Cats' best O player in game 1, I'd honestly think of signing somewhere other than Hamilton next year.

Or, it's proof that he misses Sask. and wants to return and play for his Rider faithfull followers.....?

yes he does

Faithfull followers? Their fans are overrated, all season Rider players as well as Shivers have been calling them ungratefull.

Holmes not being used in the O is like having a million bucks and not paying rent. its just plain stupid. the guy is a ripper.. play him!

I am shure there working on it..
Give Them Time

We need to sign him. He is a free agent at the end of the year and we need him.

Time is something that is slowly slipping away from us. Both on Holmes' patience, and the season.

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Holmes is just like any other player in the CFL.. he'll go to the team that offering top $$$.

I'm sure the Ti-Cats will offer Holmes the same money as any other team out there.

But where would you want to go play? A team that doesn't know how to use you or your talents... Or to a team that will use the talents that he brings to the table to make the team better?

So Holmes not signing here will not be because the ticats didn't offer him enough $$$.

Here is peace from The Spec.
"Who knows what the future holds?" he said. "Whatever God has in store for me: If it's for me to be in Hamilton, who knows? Maybe Saskatchewan might not even want me back.

"I'm enjoying playing in Hamilton. Right now it's not going too well for us but it's not how you start it's how you finish.

It would be in the Cats' best interest to ensure he is a bigger piece of the offensive puzzle.

In terms of his signability, I would hope that a major offer for Corey to re-sign is being budgeted for.

Oski Wee Wee,

Mark these words in your calendar:

August 19 2006 - Corey Holmes will not be be signing another contract with Hamilton any time soon. (or later)


("Hello! Operator? Get me long distance, Regina pls. ??? Yes, I'll hold even if it takes all day operator.")

How much do you think he's worth anyway? 6 figures? I think a lot of teams will be trying to low ball him in the off season based on this year, and why do you think sask traded him in the first place, could it be because he wanted a big contract extension and pay raise? Sask is not going to dish out 6 figures for him, I think he'll end up with Edmonton.

Considering what he's capable of as a multidimensional threat, he is easily in the $120,000-S150,000 range given what the market is for high end RBs and the fact the bidding war for him will be intense regardless of what Saskatchewan's positioning will be in the offseason for him.

I say this considering Avery's huge deal a couple of years ago (since lowered with a pay-cut).

It will likely go down to what club offers additional years to a deal.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think He may want over 120,000 Per Season..

only His agent Cory and Rob Katz May know for Shure

That's way too much for us, unless they plan on using him more.

$120,000 or so sounds right. Considering that he does three different functions (rushing, receiving, and returning), there is some wiggle room budget-wise for some teams to meet those demands.

If the salary management system is fully implemented in the offseason, this will be a key factor and will most likely drive up his value.

Oski Wee Wee,

I Can't believe Drexl's comment?
You obviously have never know a Sask fan or even been to a Grey Cup.

You have no idea what you're talking about after that comment.