Holmes need to be played more.

They should use him like how Archie was played. Short screen out passes and let him do the rest with his speed.

He certianly is struggling with the kick returns, maybe giving him something new will cause his game to kick inot high gear.
It couldn’t hurt to give it a try at the very least.

Of course he is a little Fireball!

It is only a matter of time before Holmes askes for a trade. He can't be too happy about not playing.

It was sad to see Holmes not getting any touches tonight except on kicks..Now that Papao has his boy Ranek back,looks like Holmes will not be used much,hope thats not the case!
even tho we won..Paopoa has to go!!

I sure do hope he's not that unhappy. Because he's only under contract until the end of this season, right?

Hopefully, he'll be given what he wants, and the team will continue to make necessary adjustments in order to show they have desire to win.

It was the only bizarreness with how the team conducted its gameplans tonight. Corey is such a weapon. Why he didn't come in as a slot at least periodically is a mystery to me. I didn't detect that he was hurt at all...

Oski Wee Wee,

It was the only bizarreness with how the team conducted its gameplans tonight. Corey is such a weapon. Why he didn't come in as a slot at least periodically is a mystery to me. I didn't detect that he was hurt at all...

Oski Wee Wee,

Simple answer to that..Poapoa doesn't want Holmes showing up Ranek..when Ranek was out did Joe make a game plan around Holmes,like he did for Ranek tonight?..
noooooooooooo!paopoa has to go! 7 points second half..terrible

Holmes didn't look happy on the sidelines in the last minute.

I thought the same thing....

The receiving corps is so weak and unreliable it is certainly confusing as to why holmes is not getting more touches. Remember Rufus Crawford anyonw? I agree Holmes should be in the slot - so much speed and such great moves, he'd be a threat we just don't have right now.

As for his kick/punt returns: I didn't watch a lot of Saskatchewan last year, but did they have blocking schemes to help him get yards? When he catches the ball he seems to be all on his own. Some blocking, or, dare i say it, special teams strategy might help him to get the numbers we and he expect.

Very good points. I too have wondered why we have not seen Holmes being used as a slotback as much. It's been said a number of times that the team simply can't figure how to best utilize him and hopefully they'll figure that out soon. And as I mentioned in another thread, it certainly does not make sense to utilize him so little on offfence when we have seen what he can do on offence.

Also, it does appear that the blocking he has received on special teams is a reason his numbers there aren't as good as they could be. And once again, criticism of Erdman is appropriate here. While I'm relieved to not see so many posts calling for firings, I have to say Reed and Erdman likely won't be around for much longer. And for reasons I mentioned earier, I wonder how long Paopao will be here.

I'd settle for that. Sure beats the alternative.

Now, for those posters above with the PaoPao conspiracy theories ... (self-edit - can't say what I really wanted to)

Did you see Ranek polay tonight? He was unstoppable! Are you suggesting that it was purely PaoPao's unwarranted favouritism that kept putting the ball in Josh's hands?

Are you suggesting that there was a performance by Holmes in a previous game that would have warranted the same number of carries?

Usually the simplest answer is the right one. Ranek was more productive than anyone else tonight, so we kept giving him the ball. And he won the game for us. There was no need to stop doing what was working.

Please don't tell me that's not completely obvious.

Corey should be alternating with Morreale instead of Cavil playing. Cavil has not produced anything when he gets in and MM is as good or better.

By alternating with MM it would still allow Holmes to stay fresh for special teams. Also if we alternate these guys we change up the style and put different pressure on the defence.

If we do not include Corey in the offence he will playing elsewhere next year

I have to agree ,Cavail hasn't impressed in his limited time here,I'm suprised,but hopefull for him to show up.

There must be more to the Corey Holmes situation than we have been told...?

He sure looked unhappy and homesick for Sask.

Ticats are going to lose a good man. I caught a couple of glimpses of Corey on TV last night and read his face. He looked like he was feeling unhappy and left out.


obvious wasn't it. I would like to see them both in the back field doing a flea flicker or the ever popular shovel pass.

Out of curiosity, what you say about Yeast if he was publicly showing his displeasure at not getting enough touches for himself on a night when a counterpart was having a standout game and carrying the team to victory?

Thought so.

I'm not one to advocate that any player who is being underutilized should be in "Up With People" glee mode on the sideline at any time. We do not know what Corey was told by Paopao during the week regarding his status within the gameplan and whether that factored into Corey's demeanour.

Was he pleased? Clearly not.

Was he showing anyone up? NO.

Watch tape from 2004 and 2005 and there were specific times where Yeast showed Danny Mac up on the way back to the huddle. To me, publicly bitching about touches is a different thing altogether.

I am sure the offensive brainstrust will have to sort this out with Corey because to keep a player of his gamebreaking ability out of the offensive mix is bizarre. To rotate him into the game as a slot when Ranek is also in the game (including starting in motion out of backfield) gives us a formidable 1-2 punch particularly in 2nd and short.

The ONLY plausible reason that does not involve neglect is that this Ranek and Holmes will be used together a lot versus Toronto and Paopao didn't want to tip his hand. I did not detect any noticeable limp with Corey, so I am nevertheless baffled as to why Corey wasn't at least shuffled into the 2nd-and-long mix of receivers...

Oski Wee Wee,