Holmes Lumsden Backfield


I thought we were at our best when these 2 were in the backfield together. If these 2 stayed on the field all the time I think opposing defenses would have trouble keying on who is going to get the ball. And that would open up a lot of opportunities. Winnipeg does the pump fake to the left and turn around and throw the ball to the right. With these two that could only mean good things. Jesse is big enough to be a full back so blocking for Holme shouldn't be a problem if need be. I love seeing them both on the field together. Maybe a waste of a topic but I just thought I would talk about something positive. Looking forwrd to Thursday hope the boys give it another good effort.

Go Cats Go!!

Certainly can be a deadly combination.
I do think we need to start the same 5 guys on the O-Line in the same spot.
Holmes should be used in a similar way that we used Amerson.
I think we will get it together.
I have to agree with the caoches - be patient.
But patience is hard when you’re down by 9 with 9 minutes left and Holmes and Lumsden are not on the field for every play.
If Holmes is not going to be in the offence full time - he should be hauling in punts

I total agree with you, Holmes and Lumsden in the backfield and possibly on some plays bring in a three back set with Holmes, Lumsden and Radelin for short yardage or close TD situations.

Homes and Lumsden played great together!


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Now all they need to do is teach Lumsden how to Block and we're set

This is much like the decoy system used in New Orleans with Reggie Bush and Deuce McCallister in the backfield. While they both recieve touches throughout the game, Bush is used mainly like a decoy, going in motion, fake hand offs, catching swing passes, etc, much like Holmes should be used. Deuce is the work horse, like Jesse. I think its a good system and i hope its used much more this season