Holmes is our Roberts

The Cats should be using Corey Holmes like the Bombers use Charles Roberts.

Holmes should be featured in a one back backfield. Just like Roberts, he can run well out of the backfield and is also a good reciever. He could still be used on kick returns as well. I know that it's been said all season, this guy is a star, who is being under-used, but it must be said again....FEATURE HOLMES!!!!!! He is proven MVP material. Maas is a fairly accurate thrower, as past year's would suggest...so giving him 5 recievers would also be a plus.

We could trade Ranek, and the rights to Lumsden - for other areas of need - there's only one ball to go around and you don't need two top runningbacks.....HOLMES is the real deal, and we have him!

My question is where is Holmes heart?
He doesn't seem to have Roberts drive and desire.

[b]1 rush for 3 yds, 2 catches for 10 yards. THREE TOUCHES on offense at what was his homecoming game in Regina.

Showed enough heart and desire for a playmaker to only pass block when inserted into the last two series of the game. Hasn't complained a bit. Class.[/b]

I will complain for him here, not that anyone in the football side of things here will assimilate the info. LOL

The drive and desire TO WIN would left led Paopao to put him on the field with Ranek at the same time while playing slotback, but it didn't happen. It's past the halfway mark and Corey has been held back more by design that injury or family absence. That in a playing time sense is a fact.

If Roberts was receving the same treatment, you would never hear the end of it. Not that I would blame him, either.

Oski Wee Wee,

No, Josh Ranek is the Ticats Roberts -
trade Homes.

A house of cards is our offensive line.