Holmes in on the last series

Heres another reason why I like Taafe. Even though Jesse only needed 22 yards to set a game record with rushing he put Holmes in. He mentioned through the week how he respected Holmes and what he has done in this league he just can't put him in because of circumstances. He showed how team comes before individual records by letting him play and I'm sure Jesse didn't mind one bit.
Well done Charlie you backed up your statement.

Ticat game record*

Ron Stewart's 287-yard CFL record was still 75 yards away.

I don't spin it quite the way you do because I think that a talent like Corey should be on the field for the offense for most of the game, mainly at slot in the current configuration of weapons we have.

I don't give out ribbons for "classy underutilization of a multi-purpose talent." :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

greycup06 is referring to the team record of 233 yards set by Troy Davis on Labour Day 2004.

I also thought that he didn't want to take the risk of a cheap shot on Jesse...