Holmes going to Calgary

CFL RELEASE – 2006/073
REGINA, SK – The Saskatchewan Roughriders are pleased to announced that they have aquired Calgary Stampeders QB Henry Burris. The trade entails that Saskatchewan send RB Corey Holmes and QB Nealon Green in exchange for Calgary QB Henry Burris and a 2nd round pick in the canadian college draft.

Calgary GM Jim Barker was contacted and had this to say

"We are very happy with the trade. The acquisition of (Danny) McManus was the deciding factor for this trade. We feel Corey Holmes can be an upgrade to both our RB core and recieving core. And with Joffrey Reyonlds, Nik Lewis and Jermaine Copeland already here we are really going to be unstoppable"

Roughrider GM Roy Shivers was not available for comment, but the Roughrider organization was knowingly searching for a solution to their QB difficulties and Burris was sorrily missed in Regina after his departure

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