Holmes/Getzlaf for Armstead

This just in, the Riders traded Jason Armstead to Hamilton for Corey Holmes and Chris Getzlaf.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=19009]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=19009[/url]

Your thoughts?

IT'S GRRREAT! I love Corey Holmes! He kicks ASS! :smiley:

I find this very surprising. Wes Cates was looking great. On the other side, Getzlaf is younger, and Canadian.

iunno what to say. i think armstead os a very strong reciever for the riders and wes cates had been having a great season for them. so to bring in a guy like holmes in the position is not neccisarily a good call (sry for the bad spelling). but benefit and loss for both teams.

I don't like this trade for Saskatchewan at all.

It is a bit of a surprise, but Armstead has not really been much of a factor in recent games. My guess is Childs may be the next one to go- Corey is a good back, and will compliment Cates well.

I see this as a dollars move by Tillman. Armstead is one of the highest paid riders, and really was the #3 receiver here.

Holmes is another guy that can periodically spell off Cates and can go in and play some slotback, and return kicks for us.

I don't think Holmes will take Cates' job at all. It's a move to help both clubs, Armstead will see more throws in Hamilton and Holmes will actually get to play in Saskatchewan.

I think some of you are missing something. Holmes IMO is a much better returner than Armstead. He's just had crappy blocking in Hamilton for anyone to notice.

But yeah IMO Cates' job is secure.

Could this have been a cap issue as well?

By the way... bye Henri Childs.

Tillman is definetly not afraid to pull the trigger.

That's 100% true. He's made more trades than every other team combined!

This is an interesting trade.
i think you have two teams swapping players who, for whatever reasons, have been underutilized.
Obviously, Holmes was very popular in Sask before, and in that regard he will pick up right where he left off.
This has no impact on Wes Cates.
I think Henri Childs might be a little nervous about now though.
Getzlaf, as a Regina boy will be a popular trade as well.
I don't think he has played for Hamilton yet, except maybe special teams.
I think he will be a project, and he could be a good one.
The only question mark for me right now, is who will take the receiver spot for Armstead?
Yo won't be ready for awhile yet.
I don't know about any of the other receivers in camp.
If they go with both Grant and Fantuz as starters, I see that as a downgrade at that position.
So I'm a little bit on the fence on this one.
I really want to like this trade because Corey holmes is such a class act.
I guess Getzlaf will be the key....

Although not mathematically possible (unless he's trading with himself :wink: ), he's easily made more trades than anyone else.

Ive heard that Kahlil Hill is getting healthy, maybe he will take Armsteads spot. But this is a gamble we dont know how good he will be.

I can't see this as being cap driven, but you never know.
Armstead was making pretty good coin, but I think when Hamilton resigned Holmes last year, that was likely at a premium as well.
Maybe he got the big bonus signing bucks, and so his per season salary is lower?

awesome news. Armstead was not making that big an impact, given his salary. Holmes gives us added depth, plus ann (additional) receiving threat out of the backfield, plus his returning skills.

and what are they smoking in Hamilton, really? i know, Jesse Lumsden is the man... now.

but think about it - Holmes and Gordon to HAM in April '06 for 1st pick in the dispersal draft (Kerry Joseph). SASK takes Jason Armstead 3rd overall in dispersal draft. SASK reacquires Gordon in September '06 for a 6th rounder. And now SASK reacquires Holmes (plus Ryan Getzlaf's brother) for Armstead. seems a little... lopsided?


OMG!!!! This uck.

Corey Grant is doing just fine at the other spot.


That is the question mark for me.
I like Kahlil's potential, and if he is ready to go great. And we have some rookies floating around.
I guess we will see....