Holmes' contract

When does it expire?

How long do we have him for?

that depends on when the season ends for us.

You mean we only have him under contract for this season? :o

Yes, lets hope Mr. Katz works hard to lock him up.

I am Shure They are Talking

To quote Detroit Rock City....

"That fell about 30 yards shy of making any sense whatsoever"

Well if he keeps gettings huge pops from the crowds I imagine he will stay a bit longer.

I think Corey drinks more water than pops. :lol:

but what would really do the trick

is Big Bucks from the Boss!!

exaclty, which means we all have to do our part and buy six bottles of water a game!

if you don't but the concessions, it'll make Corey Holmes sad, and we won't be able to afford him.

if you don't buy the concessions, you're letting the terrorists... err... the argos win.

Corey Holmes is quickly becomming my favorite player on this team. (My last fav player was montford when he used to really kick as@.)Every time Corey touches the ball you can feel the intensity of this guy and his abilty to see the open holes is amazing. Love his work ethic - I hope to see him in a ticat jersey for many years to come.