Holmes Back To Saskatchewan?

Someone might have already posted a thread about this but I never saw one..

Saskatchewan is looking to deal Cornerback Almondo Curry according to Danny Barrett, he told the media that Curry will not play for them this year & are currently looking for another team for Curry.

With Goss leaving the team to deal with personal matters should the ticats give up Holmes who is a free agent at seasons end back to the team that he really wants to play for which is saskatchewan for Almondo Curry? With Hill to return kicks along with Quinne do the Ticats need Holmes as much as they need a Corner? What do you guys think.

There are rumours flying around about Holmes to BC for Printers (or his rights)?

Holmes and Mass to Saskatchewan for Kerry Joseph. We would then have two 1,000 yard rushers in the backfield.

Not sure why we would let a guy like Holmes go. If we could get some effective blocking on special teams he could get some good returns. Special teams player award last year and runner-up to Outstanding Player,I wouldn't be so quick to try to give him up.

If we can get Printers out of it, make the deal.

Printers is staying with the Cheifs, the guy who he's battling with for the third spot was brutal last game, he was 1-9 for 4 yards.

Keep Holmes at all costs. Speciak teams are huge in the CFL and Hamilton has always been deficient there.

Once this ship is righted, and if we can keep Holmes as a returner, he'll be a vital weapon and a very significant contributor..

Where do they hear all these rumours ?? Do they start in thier heads and then somehow they believe they have heard it from someone else ???

Maybe they are Saskatchewan fans who want Holmes back and it is they who are trying to start the rumours.

In case you haven't noticed, the return game has been non existant in the CFL this year because of the new blocking rules. Holmes is pretty useless unless the league brings back the old rules.

Get rid of Holmes???

Has sanity taken a vacation in this town?

It seems like just because someone suggests it in another thread somehow that makes it rumour. Go figure.

Disagree. Sure the returns aren't what they used to be, but the returners themselves don't change.

Holmes is still a premier returner and he should still be able to out-return others thereby making making a significant contribution to the field position battle which is what wins games in the CFL.

Man, I wish I was Eric Tillman and you were Marcel Desjardins!

Saskatchewan would laugh at Hamilton for years, if that deal were done. :lol:

The new GM is not selling the house.
everyone is at training camp again...
His new coach is watching from afar as they go through the paces again.

He knows who he wants for his head coach.

I agree with the people who think Corey should stay. It would be insane if we don't get him back. Sign this guy.

The Trick is making Him Feel Wanted..
Once I player feels Wanted then it comes down to money..

I like him back but Changes are Slim