holmes and vaughan

There is lots of talent on our offense, but Holmes and Vaughan are our gamebreakers. They make things happen. They turn simple plays into big gainers. The more touches they get, the more points we'll score, and the more games we'll win. For my money, that's the simplest, best strategy going forward. Get these two touches. Lots of 'em. (And that will open things up for everyone else.) It's time for this team to decide on its bread and butter. It's Holmes and Vaughan, proven playmakers.

Totally agree!!!!

Holmes is the real deal.

Let him run out of the backfield, line up as a reciever and return kicks. He can do it all. I am so impressed with him. What a pick up. He could be our MVP this season.

Vaughn is super too. He comes to play on every down and can turn nothing in to a big gainer.

I would also say get the ball into the hands of Flick. He is a fantastic player too.

I know that there is only one ball to go around, but these 3 guys are dynamite. If the defence takes them away, then we also have Ralph, Yeast, Cavil and Ranek. No doubt this offence will catch fire soon.

As you say, it all starts with HOLMES, followed closely by Vaughn. We are lucky to have these 2.