Holmes and Ranek

I think one of the problems with our offence is that it was a mistake to sign both Holmes and Ranek.

In the games were Ranek was injured Holmes played great and got the ball a bunch of times.
In the game that Holmes was out 2 weeks ago Ranek played great and rushed for 160 yards.

I think we need to focus on one.

Personally I get the feeling that if Holmes was our starting RB he would light up the field, epecially catching passes out of the back field.

Just an observation

Holmes was Western MVP with Kenton Keith as the started. That's not the problem.

Using Holmes as a slotback at least SOMETIME this season wouldn't hurt either! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

both of these guys are useless, what the ticats need is a big 6'1'' 220 american RB that can play power football and have him in a 2back system with julien radelin.

If I can't fire a bullet through a "hole" created by the O-line, then there's no way either Ranek, Holmes, Radlein, Davis, Aidoo, Moses, Mack truck, Leopard tank, etc will be able to fit through either...

i dont understand why the ticats have problems finding 5 guys to play o-line, there has to be 5 big men in north america that can play o-line for hamilton. I think hamilton needs ot use the similar zone blocking schemes as the denver broncos that allows them to have various thousand yard rushers.

Agreed. Wayne Smith is the only starter from last year (to date - Woodard will be returning post haste). His play, combined with a bad ankle injury, has been disappointing this year.

The experiment of using two big, Amercan tackles has backfired (even though one of them started in, and won, a Super Bowl).

We have a new starting Centre (Marwan Hage), and his play has not been stellar. George Hudson (a natural Guard) has been starting at Guard, and has NOT had the all-star season he did last year, but HAS been fairly solid.

Offensive lines usually take a longer time to "gel", but this should have happened a few weeks ago. I can only speculate that, along with the injuries, these players need to live in each others' back pockets in order to know INSTINCTIVELY what the others are doing during a play.

Hudson can play all line spots..
He did in ottawa last Season.

I agree Holmes.. is Special

Personally, I think Ranek is overated. He has less yards per carry than Holmes, and with last years stats, he only had 238 more yards than Holmes with 80 more carries. 2 more touch downs than Holmes, but Holmes was second to KK.

As as Sask fan, I think Holmes should be the guy with Ranek coming in to rest Holmes from time to time.

This isn't the NFL bud. It's not all about measurables. You don't need a huge RB to succeed in the CFL. Look at Charles Roberts in Winnipeg, look what Kenton Keith can do. Both our backs are great. But I do agree we should use more 2 back formations.

Run Corey Holmes until he is blue in the face. You guys really don't know what you are missing out on.

Exactly. And Ranek too. It should have been happening all season and would have "gelled" the O-line real quick!
Instead we have been relying too much on the pass from a guy who does not seem able to pass. Makes no sense to me.
I suspect this also makes no sense to many of the players who now seem to lack motivation.

Well I beg to differ .Ranek is the man.
I feel being MVP out west was one thing in the past.

Thats also partly a team award,it takes maybe double coverage on another player to free up a Corey Holmes .Sure he's talented but MVP doesn't mean squat.

Like winninh coach of the year actually means something? It means you'll be fired ,it also means your GM put alot of talent on your team and the teams record improved acoordingly.
All in the past ..

I like Ranek.

The Cat offence is a complete waste of the talent of these two guys, Holmes and Ranek.

ranek will stay next year holems will go back to sask, cant u all see it? his hearts in green n white

Playmakers can't playmake on the pine.

And the question based on his ability to contribute offensively due to personnel decisions being made at present would be, of course:

Why would his heart be here?

To expect any other scenario apart from the de rigeur employee-boss "duty" issues one can push is asinine. He's underutilized and the clock is ticking.

Oski Wee Wee,