Holloway or Watts

which one should tillman try to resurrect :slight_smile:

Bishop is available, my thinking is that he heads to Calgary at some point (redandwhites prayer answered) but if the red head that likes em young had a brain, he would try to get Bish before the others pick him up. I see a lot of injuries to QBs this year.

put me down for for Condredge over JC, neither one of them is in game shape unfortunately.

It's too late for the Esks to start over with yet another new QB. They're gonna have to dance with who they have.

The Esks might wish to inquire about the services of Elliot from the Bombers.
Brink appears to have the inside track on the 2nd string position, which leaves a talented Elliot as the odd man out.

Not sure what the Bombers would request in return, although it can't hurt to inquire...especially with the current QB situation in Edmonton.

I was thinking more like Roy DeWalt or Turner Gill.

dewalt :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I wonder what Joe Barnes is up to.

I bet if they could make dunigan 100% concussion proof, that he could still play, and well.

but getting back to my original question

if yoiu had a choice between holloway in his prime, or JC, who would you pick?

J.C.Watts...[In the playoffs - Quarterbacked the 5-11 Rough Riders to the Grey Cup..upsetting the 11-4-1 Tiger Cats in the 1981 East final.]

I lean that way some myself. If only....

Neither. Both AVG. However still in great shape when the moon can still pass by, but could returnnn ?????
If he wasn"t so political and well off.????

Joe Kapp took out Angelo Mosca last year! :lol: