Holley Contract Not Accepted

I don’t know much about Holley’s situation but just saw this posted on TSN. I am sure many of you who know more can comment. And I hope this link works as this is the first time I am trying this.


'Nate Holly'?

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Thanks Maaax. I was trying to fix the link.

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You're welcome. I just right click on the link, choose 'copy', then 'paste as plain text'.


There goes the CFL being judge and jury again.

He has not been convicted of anything and has been judged not guilty of most of it.

He may still be a bad guy, but the CFL has no business making such unsubstantiated judgement.


It's the world we live in, FYB.

If there's an accusation against you that includes even a hint of violence-against-women, you are deemed guilty. Full stop.

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I tend to agree. I don’t know the details here but generally I am not in favour of judgements rendered by amateurs before the facts are in. It appears that the NFL had no problem with employing him in spite of these allegations so I guess the CFL is now holier than them.

The league has to stop shooting from the hip. If they actually have a policy, they need to make it fully public. There has to be transparency on stuff like this. Otherwise they're just blackballing guys that they don't like for whatever reason that they want and that's totally unfair. This 'no flies on me' attitude has to stop.

Daily it seems I'm having less and less respect for Ambrosie.

not sure Amber is the one making these decisions.

I don't understand why the league is being so unreasonable to a person found not guilty of the accusations against him. Are we in a situation where accusation equals guilty?

Maybe the case is still under investigation. It's better the league doesn't bring back Holley this year. Maybe next season though

Can't have the Argos becoming stronger and possibly stop the Cats from playing in the cup at home.

It would be more acceptable if they had simply said somethng along the line of

Nate Holly contract is being held back until his legal issues are resolved. We hope that this will result in both truth and justice. Nate will be welcome back if he is exonerated.

No judgement

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Because they're making up the rules as they go along and that's a terrible way to do business.

Argos announced the signing of Nate Holley 2 weeks before the league declined to register the contract. Obviously, the CFL was made aware of new circumstances concerning Holley and took that time to investigate the situation. When their research was complete, CFL decided they wanted no part of any potential bad publicity. Most likely, the league likely will only reevaluate their decision if something becomes public that clears Holley of his bad behavior.

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He is still facing some charges...YES

If they want to hold off until final knowledge and events are made public, good.

Releasing a statement that basically already judges and condemns, bad.

p.s. it is his "alleged" bad behavior. For now.

The NFL does it too. Everybody seems good with that

I know that the NFL does it too, and everyone is good with that until the Ray Rice video shows up, or the Patriots deflate some game balls or the city of St Louis sues them.

Or the on-the-fly changes to their COVID-19 protocols. Erin Rodgers should've been suspended for lying like what the NHL had done to Evander Kane

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and then there is Aaron Rodgers :slight_smile: