I know people were taking shots at posters complaining about 37 missed holding calls in a game but in all seriousness... why are the officials not calling holding penalties?!? I'm not focusing on one team but league-wide. I went through the live-play stats which have a list of all penalties called in a game and whether they were accepted or declined. After 26 games this season there have only been 26 holding calls against o-linemen - that's an average of 1 holding penalty per game!! There is a lot more holding going on by o-lines than 1 call per game.

I also noticed there have been more holding calls against LBs (on ST likely) and receivers.

What's going on with the lack of holding calls!?!?

I've been noticing this trend all season and I'm sure I'm not alone regarding that. My asking now has nothing to do with my team's loss last night. I'm sure the Bombers o-line have held as much as any other o-line in the league and not been called. Considering the numbers I think it's a legitimate question.

hard to say. I really wonder what they are looking at one the field!

according to the way the Refs work together is

the Head Ref watches one side of the line, as well as watching the QB.

the Umpire watches the other side of the line.

the Head Linesman and Side Judge look after offsides, procedures and then they look after calls when the ball comes towards them.

the guys in the back look after counting the players on the field for the defense, look after watching the receivers.

Holding calls when the play starts is only called by the Head ref and Umpire, nobody else.

There might an unwritten rule here.. a "legal" hold and an illegal one... usually the holdings penalties are the blatant ones, where a player gets taken down to the ground.. those are the ones usually called.. the ones that arent called are the subtle holds, grabbing at a jersey or something like that... those happen on almost every play.. they are not legal, but the officials generally look the other way.

if their hold impedes the player from getting to the ball carrier, it is supposed to be called.

the only legal holding is when it's done within an area. it's hard to describe it really.

lets say you hold out your arms straight in front of you and grab the players jersey.

according to what I was told back when I refereed by a few guys who are now in the CFL, that this is legal.

the second that your arms are now sideways and you have a hold of the guy, it's now holding!

if the player attempts to get by you on your side and you keep ahold of him and he goes by you, that's a penalty.

I know, lets have the refs call holding on every play. wont that be fun. :wink:

we all know that there is holding on every play. Clearly the refs try to use their discernment as to how much a hold affects the play. Then there are of course so many other things that refs have to look for too.

lets see if I remember correctly, there was not 1 holding call against the Lions that entire game.

But there should've been 39, right?



do you ever actually enjoy watching any game, or do you spend the whole time judging the reffing???

How many threads do we need to complain about the officials?

Apparently several...

one per game at least

Oh ok. This must be a special week and where we have three for one game.

B.C had 144 yards in penalties to Saskatchewans 125 and your still whining. Call the Whaaambulance.

We're making up for the lack of expansion topics...

well, dontcha see, its the really bad reffing that is stopping us from expanding.

Hey, I know it! They keep missing holding calls.

In short what you are describing here is that an offencive player will not and ought not be called for holding so long as his hands are inside, irrespective of whether or not he is grabbing jersey or pads, so long as his hands are from the shoulders down and the defender is not pulled to the ground.

As is sometimes mistaken by some fans and even infrequently some overzealous ref, if the defender goes to ground on his own or loses balance even with the blocking player's hands with a hold inside, that is irrelevant and still NOT a hold.

When the hands or arms of the offencive player go outside the torso of the defender to impede or hook the defender, whether the defender is taken to ground or not, it is holding.

The ref's overwhelmingly have called and not called offencive holding in games that way in any gridiron league as long as I can remember.

What I want to know is if some new mandate came down from the league on what is and isn't holding and no one bothered to tell the fans. There have been many types of holds that are not being called this season that were called in seasons past. It's not just one official calling things differently but all of them. If the league doesn't want people complaining about the officials then they really should do a better job educating fans, in this case, on what is and isn't a holding call.

ok, heres my take on penalties, not just holding but ill get to that in 1 minute but the whole penalty idea.

it appears to me that each crew..

ok so we proulx and his crew (generally call a pretty even game ) we got murray clarkes crew (again calls an even game), then we got glenn johnsons crew and that new guy who im not even sure what his name is.

it seems to me that.. penalties depend on which crew u get. the reffing crews arent consistent at all.. it seems that 1 game a pass interference can be this, but then u get a different crew the week after and they dont call it. same with holding.. i think it comes down to which reffing crew u get.

im starting to wonder maybe if teams should gameplan according to what refs they get as it seems the refs are very inconsistent, 1 week it is a penalty, next week its not, 1 team gets called, the other does not. personally i think the reffing is ruining the games.. especially since after most "chincey, iffy" calls, the team seems to score almost the next play. say someone gets a bs roughing the passer call, 15 yards.. 1 or 2 plays later they end up being scored on.

Im not sure but as a fan, its ruining my experience watching the game.

holding? well, ive seen defensive linemen get tackled and taken down at the horse collar this season and NO NOT JUST THE BOMBERS, its league wide and they dont get called, dline gets pushed into the qb, roughing the passer. ppl who cant see reffing as an issue are just fooling themselves.

it is just honestly ruining the games for me. ok call penalties, call em, go ahead but call em against both sides. Cuz both sides do it and most the time, only 1 gets called and thats the frustrating part.